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Contact us about the regulation of safety and health in NSW mines and petroleum sites and compliance with the Mining Act.

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1300 814 609

Option 1 – report an incident.  See Report an Incident – mine operators section below for more information.

Option 2, option 2 – for all licensing and registration enquiries under the WHS Mines & Petroleum Act, or email

Option 2, option 3 – for all practicing certificate, statutory function exams and competency enquiries under the WHS Mines & Petroleum Act, or email

Option 2, option 4 – for all safety general enquiries under the WHS Mine & Petroleum Act, or email

Option 2, option 5 – all compliance enquiries under the Mining Act, or email

Report an incident - mine operators

Mine operators are required to report an incident or notify us on a range of matters. If there is a serious injury or illness, a death or a dangerous incident, you must report it to us immediately by calling 1300 814 609 or emailing (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

You will also need to log in to the Regulator Portal to access the incident and provide further information as required.

For further information, refer to our webpage incident notification information

Report an incident - community members

If you are a community member wishing to report an alleged breach of any of the Acts we regulate, please complete the online form Notify the Regulator. You will need to have the following information:

  • the type of activity
  • the time, date and location of activity
  • a description, registration numbers and type of any vehicles or equipment involved
  • any other information you think is relevant.

Should you wish to remain anonymous and provide no contact details, you are advised that we may not be able to investigate and/or take action in relation to this alleged breach.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is responsible for compliance and enforcement of all coal seam gas exploration and production activities - with the exception of work health and safety issues. If you wish to report an alleged breach of a non-work health and safety compliance and enforcement matter related to coal seam gas, please refer to the EPA website.

    Your report will be recorded and actioned. You will receive an acknowledgement from us, and you will be contacted by an officer to discuss the reported matter.

    If the decision is taken to investigate the alleged breach, we will contact you to obtain further information.

    If after full investigation, we determine that a breach has occurred, we will take appropriate action. Enforcement measures can include issuing warning letters, penalty infringement notices, remediation notices, authorisation suspension or cancellation, and in the most serious matters, prosecution.

    You will be advised of the outcome of our investigation upon completion.

Make a complaint

A complaint about a work health or safety issue can be made through our online public portal, by calling 1300 814 609 or by emailing

In order to action your complaint, we will need information that allows us to:

  • identify the mine or petroleum site where the work health and safety issue or issues have occurred or are occurring
  • identify the exact nature of the work health and safety issues or concerns (for example, working at heights or plant safety risks)
  • identify the name and address of the organisation or individual in control of the workplace

For further information, refer to our webpage safety complaints.

Media inquiries

For all media inquiries

Contact the Public Affairs team for all media enquiries.

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