On behalf of the Mining and Petroleum Competence Board (the Board), the Resources Regulator is seeking comment from stakeholders on the discussion paper for a possible new statutory function of Geotechnical Engineering in underground coal mines. Statutory functions are detailed in Schedule 10 of the Work Health and Safety Mines and Petroleum Sites Regulation 2014.

You are invited by the Board to respond to some or all of the questions below:

  1. Is a new statutory function for geotechnical engineering warranted?
  2. If the function is warranted, what qualifications and experience are appropriate?
  3. If the function is warranted should it be a key statutory function?

Download the discussion paper here

Submissions have now closed

Submissions will help inform the Board’s future decisions on whether a Geo-technical engineer statutory function is warranted.

We generally place submissions, or summaries of submissions received, on our website. Please advise us if you do not want your submission published or if you want part of it to be kept confidential (e.g. your name). We will respect your request unless required by law to disclose this information, for example under the provisions of the NSW Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. Your submission will be managed and retained in accordance with the State Records Act 1998.