The Compliance Operations Unit undertakes compliance audits of mining operations and exploration activities to assess whether titleholders are meeting their compliance requirements under the Mining Act 1992. Where non-compliances are identified, further enforcement action may be taken, in accordance with the Regulator's compliance and enforcement framework.

Audit reports may also identify opportunities for improvement to strengthen the compliance management activities of the titleholder.

The NSW Resources Regulator undertakes a compliance audit program to assess the level of operator compliance with Regulations. View the compliance audit program report:

The checklists below provide an indication of some of the issues the Resources Regulator’s auditors consider when undertaking audits onsite. If you hold an authorisation, you may use these checklists to assist you to identify requirements that apply to your particular authorisation and help you to ensure you are meeting your statutory obligations.

Compliance audit report Woodlawn Mine Tarago Operations Pty Ltd

Audit report
PDF, 5569.4 KB

Compliance audit report Perilya Broken Hill Operations

Audit report PDF, 3077.79 KB

Compliance audit report Mount Pleasant MACH Energy

Audit report PDF, 1273.35 KB

Compliance audit report Wambo topsoil management

Audit report [PDF, 2200.34 KB]

Compliance audit report Hunter Valley Operations topsoil management

Audit report [PDF, 1316.12 KB]

Compliance audit report Mount Owen topsoil management

Audit report [PDF, 3932.72 KB]

Compliance audit report Tritton Operations

Audit report [PDF, 3627.17 KB]

Compliance audit report of Narrabri Coal Pty Ltd

Audit report [PDF, 2387.57 KB]

Compliance audit report of Glenella Quarry Pty Ltd

Audit report [PDF, 7727.55 KB]

Compliance audit report of Maules Creek exploration, Aston Coal No. 2 Pty Ltd

Audit report [PDF, 1140.16 KB]

Compliance audit of the Narrabri gas project, operated by Santos NSW (Eastern) Pty Ltd

Audit report [PDF, 824.45 KB]

Mining sites within special catchment areas

Audit report [PDF, 1489.46 KB]

During April and May 2017, three separate incidents of oil spill from transformers occurred at isolated and disused mine ventilation shaft sites within the Sydney drinking water catchment Special Areas. Each of these incidents resulted in a moderate or minor spill of oil on mining land which was reported to WaterNSW and EPA. Monitoring and water sampling, overseen by WaterNSW, was undertaken to ensure Sydney’s drinking water supply was not affected with this monitoring showing the incidents posed minimal risk to water supplies following containment and remedial actions.