Download Exploration code of practice: Community consultation PDF (313 KB PDF).

Exploration licences and assessment leases for all resources (prospecting titles) are granted with the objective of encouraging ecologically sustainable development, social responsibility and building economic wealth for the people of NSW.

This exploration code of practice sets out mandatory requirements and provides title holders with related guidance regarding the expected performance for engagement in adequate, inclusive and appropriate community consultation in relation to the planning for, and conduct of, exploration activities under a prospecting title.

This code serves two purposes:

1. it provides upfront information to the industry and the community

2. it sets out enforceable mandatory requirements related to community consultation.

This code enables industry to:

  • adopt a risk-based approach to ensure compliance with mandatory requirements related to community consultation
  • commit to measurable performance standards
  • monitor performance and take corrective action if outcomes are not being achieved
  • keep and maintain relevant records of activities and/or actions.

This approach allows title holders to adopt innovative solutions and best practice techniques to meet performance requirements.