Download Guideline for mineral exploration and petroleum drilling PDF [PDF, 1775.79 KB]

This guideline has been developed to provide comprehensive guidelines for title holders and operators when drilling and maintaining the integrity of boreholes and wells for the exploration and production of coal, minerals and petroleum resources.

The guideline is structured in four parts:

Part A provides an introduction to the guideline including detail on how to use it and when it applies.

Part B introduces the process of risk assessment and provides a directory of known hazards and risks that should be considered when undertaking a drilling activity. It also provides guidance that should be applied to all drilling activities.

Part C provides additional controls that should be considered to manage the particular risks identified in the directory.

Part D provides additional provisions that apply only to petroleum exploration and production activities and those associated with the undertaking of fracture stimulation.

Appendices are provided which include supporting information on the recording and reporting requirements associated with drilling activities and borehole and well maintenance, definitions and industry standards.