The Mining Operations Plan (MOP) is a tool used by the Department to monitor the progress of mining and rehabilitation activities across the life of a mine.

ESG3: Mining Operations Plan (MOP) Guidelines PDF, 7069.67 KB, September 2013 (ESG3) details the process for monitoring and managing progression towards successful rehabilitation outcomes.

The Guideline requires industry to identify and provide measurable data and demonstrate that proposed rehabilitation outcomes are achievable and realistic within a given timeframe. The requirement for more targeted information strengthens the capacity of the Department to regulate rehabilitation and environmental performance and more accurately determine rehabilitation security liabilities.

The ESG3 Guideline replaces: - EDG03 Guidelines to the mining, rehabilitation and environmental management process (January, 2006); - EDG11 Format and guideline for the preparation of a Mining Operation Plan (MOP): Small mine version (February 2002).