31st October 2019

Inspectors from the Resources Regulator have issued 13 prohibition notices to the Thuddungra Mine near Young in relation to structural integrity issues with the site’s conveyor, screening, cyclone and bin structures.

During an inspection on 30 October 2019 inspectors identified that the operator had failed to appropriately address structural integrity issues which had been previously identified by the mine. The inspection confirmed that minimal repairs had occurred and that the structures were significantly compromised.

As a result the inspectors considered the equipment constituted a serious risk to the health and safety of workers and consequently 13 notices under section 195 of the Work Health Safety Act were issued on the mine operator.

Processing operations at the site have ceased as a result of the notices and the prohibition notices will remain in place until the mine has satisfactorily addressed the safety issues.

As the investigation is ongoing no further information will be made available at this time.