3rd April 2020

The Resources Regulator continues to closely monitor the implementation of controls to manage COVID-19 risk at mine sites.

We have continued to receive complaints and enquiries from workers, and we remind operators that they must have measures in place to eliminate or manage the risks arising from COVID-19. While you will not be able to completely eliminate the risk of workers contracting COVID-19 while carrying out work you must do all that is reasonably practicable to minimise that risk.

A number of organisations have developed additional resources to assist the industry and identify key controls that are reasonably practicable for operators to implement. Where operators have not adopted these controls, the Regulator expects to see evidence of risk assessments being carried out and suitable alternative controls adopted.

Mine operators should review and adopt (where relevant) the following guidance material:

Resources Regulator inspections

We have conducted a risk assessment and implemented procedures to minimise the risk of our inspectors contracting or transmitting the virus while performing their duties. Our highest priority is the health of our staff and workers at mine sites.

The extent of our proactive assessment activities is subject to constant review. We have reduced our programs, and will make further changes as required, subject to the spread of the virus; the changing risk profile of the mining industry; government directions, and stakeholder feedback. Our response to serious and critical incidents will remain unchanged, however, this will be conditioned by a risk assessment undertaken on a case by case basis.

We have published Frequently Asked Questions on our regulatory operations during the COVID-19 situation. These FAQs will be updated to reflect any changes as the situation develops.