1st July 2020

Industrial land use comes from successful quarry rehabilitation

The NSW Resources Regulator has published a new Rehabilitation Information Release following the successful completion of rehabilitation on part of the Horsley Park (Plant 23) Quarry in western Sydney, NSW.

The site where rehabilitation has been completed is within the western part of this mining lease, with the remaining area of the lease occupied by the existing quarry operations. The quarry is at Horsley Park and extracts clay, shale and kaolin.

The site comprises around 11 hectares within the south western corner of the quarry, and until recently, was used for the stockpiling of materials extracted from the quarry. Rehabilitation has been undertaken progressively on the site since about 2018 as part of a redevelopment associated with the Oakdale East Industrial Estate. The approved industrial development includes several new warehouses and a masonry plant on either side of a new estate cul-de-sac.

For the full report read our Rehabilitation Information Release.