25th November 2020

A worker suffered permanent injuries to his foot when his foot became entangled in a scraper conveyor. The worker was washing coal fines and muck into a sump located at the lower end of the scraper conveyor while the conveyor was operating. The worker was located on a steel enclosure on top of the scraper conveyor. Unbeknown to the worker, there was a gap in the steel enclosure covered only by mesh. The worker's foot fell through the gap and both his foot and a small section of the mesh became entangled in the scraper conveyor. The worker pulled his foot out of the scraper conveyor and while doing so suffered serious and permanent injuries to his toes and foot.

The report describes the investigation conducted by the Regulator into the cause and circumstances of the incident and provides the investigation findings and recommendations to industry.

For more information regarding this incident please refer to the full investigation report [PDF, 2557.61 KB].