Opal Mining Compliance Priorities for January – December 2021 released

Published: 18th February 2021

The Opal Mining Compliance Priorities sets out our key compliance priorities for opal mining for 2021.

December 2020 monthly business activities report published

Published: 18th February 2021

See our December Business activities report for details on activities conducted in December 2020 and for an overview of activities for the preceding 12 months.

Revised requirements for Quarry Manager – tier 2 quarries practising certificate

Published: 3rd February 2021

Qualifications and emergency preparedness units of competence that a person must have to be eligible to be granted a quarry manager practising certificate for tier-2 quarries have been updated.

Commencement of new exposure standards for coal dust and diesel particulate matter

Published: 21st January 2021

On 1 February 2021 both the new worker exposure standards for respirable coal dust and diesel particulate matter will commence.

November 2020 monthly business activities report published

Published: 20th January 2021

Check out our November monthly activities report


Worker pinned by falling loader cab

Published: 4th January 2021

We have published an investigation information release relating to a worker pinned by falling loader cab.

Key compliance priorities updated

Published: 22nd December 2020

The Resources Regulator has published the January - June 2021 Compliance priorities which sets out the key compliance priorities for the next six months.

October 2020 business activities report published

Published: 21st December 2020

Check out our October 2020 monthly activities report which highlights our compliance and enforcement activities for this month.

NSW Mine Safety Advisory Council

Published: 17th December 2020

Expressions of interest are being sought for independent members of the NSW Mine Safety Advisory Council.