The member organisations of the Mine Safety Advisory Council have combined resources to create this dust toolkit. The toolkit is designed to provide mine workers and mine operators with information, advice and guidance related to managing dust.

    Long term exposure to dust can generate a number of significant health issues from chronic debilitation all the way through to death depending on the duration of exposure and the type of dust that workers are exposed to.

    In New South Wales, no worker can be exposed to dust in excess of the exposure standards that are prescribed in legislation. A new respirable crystalline silica workplace exposure standard of 0.05mg/m3 takes effect on 1 July 2020. Mine operators and quarry managers need to be aware of the changes to the exposure standards and take proactive steps to identify how they are going to meet those new standards.

Silicosis video
Silicosis body poster  Silicosis hierarchy of controls poster 
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