About the board

The Mining and Petroleum Competence Board oversees the development of competence standards and the assessment of people who have a role at a mine that may affect health and safety. The Mining and Petroleum Competence Board sets the standards for the competence of people performing these safety-critical functions and advises the Minister and the regulator on the competencies required for these roles and how they are assessed. It is established under section 63 of the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Act 2013.

The Minister appoints the members of the Mining and Petroleum Competence Board. The current membership is:

Name Nominee of (organisation)
Ruth Mackay Independent Chairperson
Chris Dolden Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia
Ashley McLeod NSW Minerals Council
Andrew Grivas NSW Minerals Council
Stephen Barrett Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union
Stephen Tranter Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union
Justin Smith Australian Workers' Union
Peter Standish Independent
Janine Lea-Barrett Independent
Garvin Burns Resources Regulator, Regional NSW
Tony Linnane Resources Regulator, Regional NSW       

You can contact the board by emailing the secretariat

Projects and industry consultation

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Key publications

Download the board's strategic plan, annual reports, incorporating charter and meeting minutes on the board publications page.

Examiners for certificates of competence

To see a list of examiners for statutory functions or to find out about becoming an examiner refer to the examiners page.