The Mining and Petroleum Competence Board oversees the development of competence standards and the assessment of people who have a role at a mine that may affect health and safety. On this page, you can download publications developed by the Mining and Petroleum Competence Board with the NSW Resources Regulator.

Strategic plan to 2020

The Mining and Petroleum Competence Board has developed a strategic plan to pursue its vision over the next five years. The Strategic Plan to 2020 will contribute to achieving the regulator's goal for a safe, sustainable and innovative mining, extractive and petroleum industry in NSW.
During this period, the Mining and Petroleum Competence Board will pursue four strategies to achieve its objectives:

  • develop world-leading competence standards for statutory functions requiring certificates of competence.
  • develop a scheme for practising certificates.
  • identify and address emerging issues for statutory functions involving certificates of competence.
  • develop and implement a collaborative communication strategy.

Further action plans and activities will be developed to carry out the strategies, in consultation with relevant stakeholders. The Mining and Petroleum Competence Board will regularly review the progress of the plan and report to the Minister on an annual basis.

You can download the Strategic Plan to 2020 from our website.

Annual reports

You can download the annual reports for the Mining and Petroleum Competence Board for the following years:


The Mining and Petroleum Board works under a charter. Download the Mining and Petroleum Competence Board Charter.

Meeting minutes

You can download the minutes of the following meetings of the board:

Meeting minutes 2019

Title Details
MPCB minutes - August 2019
 270.0 KB
MPCB minutes - 21 May 2019
 105.7 KB
MPCB minutes - 19 February 2019
 110.6 KB

Meeting minutes 2018

Title Details
MPCB minutes - 20 November 2018
 115.5 KB
MPCB minutes - 21 August 2018
 157.1 KB
MPCB minutes - 22 May 2018
 124.2 KB
MPCB minutes - 20 February 2018
 104.6 KB

Meeting minutes 2017

Title Details
MPCB minutes - 21 November 2017
 141.9 KB
MPCB minutes - 22 August 2017
 107.6 KB
MPCB minutes - 23 May 2017
 213.9 KB
MPCB minutes - 21 February 2017
 391.6 KB

Meeting minutes 2016

Title Details
MPCB minutes - 10 May 2016
 251.6 KB
MPCB minutes - 23 February 2016
 216.8 KB

Meeting minutes 2015

Title Details
MPCB minutes - 25 November 2015
 118.9 KB
MPCB minutes - 2 September 2015
 216.0 KB
MPCB minutes - 10 June 2015
 147.1 KB

Meeting minutes 2014

Title Details
MPCB minutes - 24 November 2016
 174.4 KB
MPCB minutes - 13 October 2014
 48.1 KB
MPCB minutes - 25 August 2016
 150.0 KB