The NSW Government has introduced a Mine Safety Levy as recommended by the Wran Mine Safety Review.

The Mine Safety (Cost Recovery) Act 2005 was passed in November 2005 to enable the levy to be raised. While safety in NSW has improved markedly during the past few years, the Wran Review made 31 recommendations to further improve mine safety.

This levy will fund the implementation of these recommendations and the safety functions of the department in relation to mining, together with the administrative costs of collection.

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Independent Review of the Mine and Petroleum Safety Levy

An Independent Review of the Mine and Petroleum Safety Levy was undertaken to investigate the determination and administration of the levy and make recommendations, as appropriate, on improvement to the management and expenditure of these funds.

The Report [PDF, 1050.3 KB] released in December 2017, outlines the findings and recommendations of the review.

The Resources Regulator has since released a response [PDF, 117.7 KB] to the recommendations of the review, including actions arising.

In accordance with recommendation 10, a regular audit program has been established, commencing with the 2018/2019 financial year [PDF, 764.04 KB].

Access to the Mine Safety Levy reserve