Briefing sessions

Briefing sessions are conducted by examination panel members for each certificate of competence to inform applicants of how to apply and prepare themselves for the written and oral examinations. They are optional but are highly recommended as applicants have the opportunity to find out information from the examiners on the exams.

They are generally held between one and three months before the closing date for an examination to allow time for candidates to prepare their application for submission. Refer to the exam and briefing sessions dates calendar below.

You must register your interest in attending a session at least one month prior to the briefing date so we can confirm we have sufficient numbers and venue. Please register through accessing our online facility.

Note: briefing sessions are free.

Exam dates

Check the exam calendar below and submit an application at least a week before the closing date for the exam. Make sure you attach certified copies of all evidence documents, for example, qualifications and identification. Please make sure you have read through the guide: Applying for examinations and statutory function certificates and follow the process to apply. Only complete applications will be processed.

Applicants for post oral exams are to use the re-sitting an oral exams process below and emailing their application no later than the closing date for the written examination listed on the exam calendar to us at

Resitting a written examination

If you do not pass a written exam, or your third attempt at an oral exam and you wish to resit the respective exam, you will need to complete and submit an Application to resit a written examination for a certificate of competence DOCX, 4545.75 KB

It often takes people a few attempts to get through the examination process successfully and be deemed competent.

Replacement certificate

If you lose or damage your certificate of competence, you will need to complete and submit an Application form for a replacement certificate of competence PDF (62.1 KB PDF).

Learning best practice guides

We partnered with the NSW Minerals Council and other NSW Government agencies and training organisations to improve training outcomes for people seeking to qualify for key roles in the mining industry.

The project sought to address the low success rate of candidates in the examinations for these key roles, including mining engineering manager, quarry manager, mine electrical engineer, mine mechanical engineer, deputy, under manager and open cut manager.

A series of best practice guides have been produced to assist candidates, employers and registered training organisations with the examination process.

Note: These guides relate to certificates of competence under the former Coal Mine Health and Safety Act 2002 and Mine Health and Safety Act 2004. Legislative references are not current and titles of certificates may have changed.