Revised maintenance of competence requirements for practising certificates

The Resources Regulator, in consultation with the Mining and Petroleum Competence Board, has made improvements to the requirements for maintenance of competence.

These include:

  • eligible learning types are now ‘formal learning’ and ‘informal learning’
  • the requirement for learning objectives to be obtained from the training provider is no longer mandatory
  • mining, electrical and mechanical engineering managers/engineers complete the requirements for their statutory function for one class of mine
  • the recommended logbook has been revised.

Details of the revised requirements have been published in the Government Gazette [PDF, 137.7 KB] and the Maintenance of competence for practising certificates guide [PDF, 691.8 KB] has been updated to reflect the changes.

The maintenance of competence scheme is a requirement to keep up-to-date the knowledge and skills of individuals who hold a practising certificate to exercise specific statutory functions.

If you hold a practising certificate, you will need to undertake specified hours of recognised learning for areas of competence over the five-year validity period of your certificate.

The maintenance of competence scheme applies to all practising certificates issued by the NSW Resources Regulator.

Dispensation for COVID19

Practising certificates holders will receive dispensation for maintenance of competence requirements because of the impacts of COVID-19.

The Resources Regulator in consultation with the Mining and Petroleum Competence Board has approved a 12-month (20 per cent of learning hours) dispensation of maintenance of competence requirements for all current practising certificate holders applying from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021.

This means current certificate holders will only need to meet 80 per cent of their maintenance of competence requirements on their practising certificate during the five-year certificate period. It will not apply to holders of practising certificates granted after this time.

Key steps

  1. Apply for a practising certificate.
  2. The Regulator issues your practising certificate and you start your maintenance of competence.
  3. Complete professional learning requirements according to your certificate.
  4. Record completed learning hours, topics covered and types of learning undertaken in a logbook and keep supporting evidence. Logbook templates are below.
  5. The Regulator undertakes audits on compliance with scheme requirements.
  6. Apply to renew your practising certificate with a declaration of learning every five years.

For detailed information, view the guide to the maintenance of competence scheme for practising certificates [PDF, 691.8 KB].

Or watch a short video on the NSW practising certificate system including the maintenance of competence scheme.

Updates on progress and changes with maintenance of competence requirements are communicated through mine safety news and webinars held that are available for viewing from our practising certificate page.

Learning requirements

The maintenance of competence scheme sets out the learning you have to undertake in certain areas of competence, the types of recognised learning and the number of hours of learning. Learning requirements such as the required number of hours vary between the types of practising certificates. There are also strict rules about claimable hours.

Study topics

The scheme requires you to complete learning in the following five areas of competence:

  • Mining and WHS systems
  • Legislation
  • Emergency management
  • Leadership and management
  • General WHS topics

It is your responsibility to be aware of the learning requirements required over the period of your practising certificate. You should read the guide to the maintenance of competence scheme for practising certificates [PDF, 691.8 KB].

Formal learning on disasters

The Regulator’s Learning from disasters one-day program is targeted to practising certificate holders for any class of mine to satisfy their maintenance of competence requirement (excluding holders restricted to a specific mine site).

Regulator forums recommended MOC claims

More information

For more information view the following resources:

If you can’t find the information you are looking for or need advice about the maintenance of competence scheme contact us at or 02 4063 6461.