Safety alerts and bulletins and significant incident and investigation reports to inform the NSW mining industry, suppliers, unions and industry organisations about work health and safety issues and findings with the aim of preventing similar occurrences and providing operators with information to help them meet their obligations.

21 June 2021Safety BulletinSB21-04Crawler utility vehicle runaway
29 April 2021Safety BulletinSB21-03Diesel shutdown systems
29 April 2021Safety BulletinSB21-02Flyrock from blasting activities
07 April 2021Safety AlertSA21-04Worker sustains critical injuries after driving loader over stope edge
25 March 2021Safety BulletinSB21-01Fires occur while refuelling plant
8 March 2021Safety AlertSA21-03Underground loader makes contact with development drill rig (jumbo)
2 February 2021Safety AlertSA21-02Unattended haul truck rolls 65 metres
27 January 2021Safety Alert SA21-01Elevated work box falls from integrated tool carrier
3 December 2020Safety BulletinSB20-05Increased risk period
27 November 2020Safety BulletinSB20-04Preparing for severe weather
09 October 2020Safety AlertSA20-10Anti-static materials in underground coal mines
01 October 2020Safety AlertSA20-09Operating mobile plant - Incidents and near misses
25 September 2020Safety AlertSA20-08Drill rig contacts high voltage power line
11 September 2020Safety AlertSA20-07Concerns about possible tampering with explosion protected diesel engine safety systems
9 June 2020Safety AlertSA20-06QDS Pods fall off dolly car flat top and slide down drift
25 May 2020Safety BulletinSB20-03Electric shocks in the mining industry
18 May 2020Safety BulletinSB20-02Fire suppression system fails to discharge
21 April 2020Safety AlertSA20-05Worker sucked into auxiliary fan ventilation tube
25 March 2020Safety AlertSA20-04COVID-19 related worker complaints
5 March 2020Safety AlertSA20-03Tailgate hits worker's head
28 February 2020Safety AlertSA20-02Roof fall buries continuous miner
28 February 2020Safety AlertSA20-01Brake pad dislodges during winder test
4 February 2020Safety BulletinSB20-01Failure of highwalls, low walls and dumps
7 November 2019Safety BulletinSB19-15Rapid face bolter incidents
7 November 2019Safety BulletinSB19-14Conveyor pulley incidents initiate fires
7 November 2019Safety BulletinSB19-13Workers injured while installing conveyor boot ends
4 November 2019Safety BulletinSB19-12Spontaneous combustion of conveyor rubber
4 November 2019Safety BulletinSB10-11Drive shaft failures cause fires
3 October 2019Safety BulletinSB19-10Dozer incidents increase despite warnings
14 August 2019Safety BulletinSB19-09Lack of bunding on accessible edges
1 August 2019Safety BulletinSB19-08Coupling disintegrates
1 August 2019Safety BulletinSB19-07Configuration of work baskets
17 July 2019Safety BulletinSB19-06Safety critical system failures on road registered vehicles
17 July 2019Safety BulletinSB19-05Objects entering cabins of underground mobile plant
26 April 2019Safety AlertSA19-02Truck catches fire underground
26 March 2019Safety BulletinSB19-04Workers injured by high pressure fluid
18 March 2019Safey BulletinSB19-03Welding-related shocks increase
12 March 2019Safety BulletinSB19-02Rise in vehicle collisions raises concern
5 March 2019Safety BulletinSB19-01Rise in dozer incidents putting operators at risk
15 January 2019Safety AlertSA19-01Elevated workbox falls from loader
21 December 2018Safety AlertSA18-16Tyre falls from tyre hander
21 December 2018Safety AlertSA18-15Walkway collapse puts workers at risk
21 December 2018Safety BulletinSB18-19Isolation issues identified at coal mines
20 December 2018Safety AlertSA18-14Dangerous incident at Lightning Ridge fall down shaft
19 December 2018Safety AlertSA18-13Dangerous incident involving excavator on edge of a highwall
12 November 2018Safety AlertSA18-12Worker falls from conveyor gantry
6 November 2018Safety AlertSA18-11Controlling legionella bacteria in mining operations
6 November 2018Safety BulletinSB18-18Drill rig safety
6 November 2018Safety BulletinSB18-17Welding fume safety
25 October 2018Safety BulletinSB18-16Detecting gas in confined spaces
26 September 2018Safety BulletinSB18-15Light vehicles in mining operations
25 September 2018Safety BulletinSB18-14Preventing fires on mobile plant - responding to safety alerts
15 August 2018Safety BulletinSB18-13Alternators and IS equipment
16 July 2018Safety AlertSA18-10Heavy vehicle, light vehicle near miss
10 July 2018Safety AlertSA18-09Drill rig breaches highwall windrow
10 July 2018Safety BulletinSB-18-12Rib failures in underground coal mines
10 July 2018Safety BulletinSB18-11Windrow management and demarcation
6 July 2018Safety AlertSA18-08Underground mine fire initiates emergency response
29 May 2018Safety BulletinSB18-10People warned of fall risk in opal mine fields
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11 May 2018Safety AlertSA18-07CMI 425 Amp flameproof restrained receptacle recall
1 May 2018Safety BulletinSB1809Overwatering of roads leads to vehicle incidents
23 April 2018Safety BulletinSB18-08Missing and damaged protective devices on longwalls
16 April 2018Safety BulletinSB18-07Safe systems of work for mobile plant
12 April 2018Safety AlertSA18-06Self rescuer maintenance
11 April 2018Safety BulletinSB18-06Lack of positive communications
9 April 2018Safety AlertSA18-05Offsider's nose and cheek broken in incident
5 April 2018Safety BulletinSB18-05Shattered windscreens on mobile plant
5 April 2018Safety BulletinSB18-04Fires on surface drill rigs
23 March 2018Safety AlertSA18-04Workers withdrawn after methane frictional ignition
21 March 2018Safety BulletinSB18-03Diesel exhaust filters in underground coal mines
1 Feb 2018Safety AlertSA18-03Two workers suffer serious fluid injection injuries in separate incidents
29 Jan 2018Safety AlertSA18-02Loader loses brakes and crashes at bottom of wall
17 Jan 2018Safety AlertSA18-01Potentially dangerous mechanical components on opal mine materials handling hoists
17 Jan 2018Safety BulletinSB18-02Mines and preparing for fire
2 Jan 2018Safety BulletinSB18-01Wireless operated hazard reduction devices for welding machines
24 Nov 2017Safety BulletinSB17-07Air quantities for underground diesel engines in coal mines
16 Oct 2017Safety BulletinSB17-06Safety helmets - effective working life
 13 Sept 2017Safety Alert SA17-10Response times of gas detectors
 8 Sept 2017Safety Bulletin SB17-05Reuse of removable filters on explosion protected diesel engines
 26 Jul 2017Safety Alert SA17-09Longwall faces: safe access and emergency exits
 20 Jul 2017Safety Alert SA17-08Lack of Pillar Support
 23 Jun 2017Safety Alert SA17-07Non-compliant gas monitors
 9 Jun 2017Safety Alert SA17-06Flameproof alternators
 12 May 2017Safety Alert SA17-05Hand injured by fall of drill rods
 11 May 2017Safety Bulletin SB17-04Uninterruptable power supply installations at mines
 10 May 2017Safety Alert SA17-04Synthetic fibre sling fails
 20 Apr 2017Safety Alert SA17-03Pneumatic Air Tool Fitting Fails
 21 Mar 2017Safety Bulletin SB17-03Rocks breach catch bund
 21 Mar 2017Safety Alert SA17-02Fall from height risk
 20 Jan 2017Safety Bulletin SB17-02Mines and preparing for fires
 20 Jan 2017Safety Alert SA17-01Gas outburst on longwall face
 9 Jan 2017Safety Bulletin SB17-01Industry reports more truck rollover incidents