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No. Title Released Details
SA98-10 Intrinsically safe power supplies 23 Dec 1998 PDF 48.7 KB
SA98-09 Screening plant fire 08 Dec 1998 PDF 37.1 KB
SA98-08 Operator of integrated tool carrier injected with hydraulic oil 26 Nov 1998 PDF 53.4 KB
SA98-07 Windblast associated with the formation of a new goaf at shallow cover 06 Oct 1998 PDF 63.8 KB
SA98-06 Remote control machinery 30 Sep 1998 PDF 34.3 KB
SA98-05 Safety related problems and the millennium or 'Y2K problem' 09 Sep 1998 PDF 75.3 KB
SA98-04 Separate instances of roof collapse during in pillar extraction 30 Jun 1998 PDF 31.0 KB
SA98-02 Two outbursts of coal on a longwall face 15 May 1998 PDF 18.3 KB
SA98-03 Premature ignition of a surface blasthole 06 May 1998 PDF 15.2 KB
SA98-11 Explosion in reagent tank on shotcreting rig 04 Feb 1998 PDF 34.6 KB