• Incidents, alerts & investigations

    Incident related publications issued by the department including incident e-alerts, safety alerts, safety bulletins, incident information releases, weekly incident summaries and investigation reports. You can also search our database of safety alerts & bulletins.

  • Legislation guidance

    Factsheets and guides relating to WHS legislation and WHS (Mines and Petroleum Sites) legislation.

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  • Legislation forms

    Forms related to WHS legislation and WHS (Mines and Petroleum Sites) legislation.

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  • Codes of practice

    An index of safety and health related codes of practice. Also includes information on what codes of practice are, how they relate to the law and how they are developed.

  • Guidance notes and technical references

    Information to help industry understand legislation and compliance

  • Mining design guidelines

    An index of mining design publications produced by the NSW Government

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  • Statistical publications and reports

    Key mine safety audit reports, International Mining Fatality Review database, fire protection and underground fires documents.

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  • Audit tools

    Safety tools and audit checklists for the mining industry

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  • Electrical engineering sheets

    Information sheets developed by our Division's Inspectors of Electrical Engineering

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  • Mine Safety News

    Mine Safety News contains information to promote the enhancement of the safety culture of NSW mining and to alert a wide range of people to potential risks and to potential risk controls

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  • Health management

    Resources to help manage health issues in NSW mines

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  • Fatigue management

    General information and resources to help you develop and evaluate a fatigue management plan

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  • Safety performance measures

    Annual performance reports produced by the Mine Safety.

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