Underground coal mine hazardous zone cable damage data

The department licenses facilities that repair flexible cables used in underground coal mine hazardous zones. Under previous legislation these facilities were approved. In 2001 a program was commenced where the facilities provide aggregate data on cable damage to Mine Safety Operations on a monthly basis.

This program was commenced to better understand how the industry was performing in relation to preventing cable damage and consequently reducing the risk of explosions, fire, electric shock and electrical burns. The data can be used by individual operations to benchmark their own performance against the industry average - to do this operations may need to convert the cable damage data to some form of 'rate', for example number of cables damaged / million tonnes of coal mined. Data on the annual coal production for the industry and the method of production can be obtained from the publication NSW Coal Industry Profile.

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Incident reporting

Unintended response from electrical-powered machinery

The following guidance and reporting tools have been prepared to aid in the prevention of unintended operation or response from electrically powered or controlled machines:

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