Crane safety

(introductory text on NSW DPI's position on crane safety)

Crane Industry Council of Australia

The Crane Industry Council of Australia was formed with the objective of providing one voice on matters of mutual concern to the Australian mobile industry. As a forum, CICA provides the opportunity for owners, marketers and end users to come together through conferences and seminars organized and managed by Council Officers.

Crane Safe

The mobile crane industry has initiated a voluntary crane assessment program throughout Australia called CraneSafe. Developed in consultation with the mobile crane industry as a whole, the program aims to augment existing safety standards with annual assessments of mobile cranes now being made by CraneSafe (a division of the Crane Industry Council of Australia).

Safety Alerts and Safety Bulletins

NSW DPI has released Safety Alerts and Safety Bulletins relating to mine safety issues, including the design, manufacture, installation and use of plant and equipment, such as cranes.