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Guidance material

Information sheets are aimed primarily at smaller extractive operations (quarries), however they are worthy of consideration by larger mining operations, both coal and metalliferous.

Electrical engineering safety information sheets

The information sheets are developed by the Inspectors of Electrical Engineering in response to issues identified during mine site electrical engineering safety audits at extractives operations (quarries) and in response to questions asked by operators on how they may better manage electrical engineering safety at their operation. The information should be used as reference material in developing site electrical engineering safety standards.

Electrical engineering safety resources


These  guidelines have either:

  • significant  electrical content, or
  • are directly applicable to electrical engineering safety.

The guidelines are available from our document library

  • MDG 15 Guidelines for Surface Mobile and  Transportable Equipment for Use in Mines
  • MDG  25 Guidelines for Safe Cutting and Welding Operations at Mines
  • MDG  33 Guidelines for the Design, Commissioning & Maintenance of Drum Winders
  • MDG  40 Guideline for Hazardous Energy Control (Isolation or Treatment)
  • MDG  1010 Risk Management Handbook for the Mining Industry
  • MDG  1013 System Safety Technique: Job Steps, Conditions and Hazard Control Planning
  • MDG  1014 Guide to Reviewing a Risk Assessment of Mine Equipment and Operations
  • MDG  2003 Approved Workshop for the Overhaul and Repair of Electrical Explosion  Protected Apparatus and Electrical Competent Persons
  • MDG  2004 Guidelines for the Safe Use of Electricity in NSW Mines Supplement to  Guidelines for Safe Mining (refer to Minerals Industry Safety Handbook)
  • MDG  2005 Electrical Technical Reference for the Approval of Power Winding Systems
  • MDG  3001 Applicant's Guide to Obtaining an Approval from the Chief Inspector of  Coal Mines
  • MDG  5002 Mine Safety Review Guideline for the Use of Remote Controlled Mining  Equipment
  • MDG  5002a Mine Safety Review Assessment Document to Accompany Guidelines for the  Use of Remote Controlled Mining Equipment
  • MDG  5004 A study of the Risky positioning behaviour of Operators of Remote Control  Mining Equipment

Other reports:

  • Minerals  Industry Safety Handbook
  • The Enforcement  of Health and Safety Standards in Mines

Technical papers

Prevention of electric shock

Threads in flameproof motors - technical paper

The department investigated a failure of screw threads in a flameproof (Ex d) motor and commissioned the Welding Technology Institute of Australia (WTIA) to analyse  the failure and give advice on the repair of screw threads in flameproof  equipment. This report is provided by the WTIA and supported by the department.

The inspection  and repair of screw threads in flameproof equipment is important in maintaining  explosion protected properties of flameproof (Ex d) equipment. This technical paper  gives advice on the inspection and repair of screw threads in flameproof  equipment. Examination and repair of threads in flameproof enclosures

Operation of remote control loaders in underground  metalliferous mines

Fault trees can be used as part of the mine's risk assessment process for the use of remote control loaders. The fault trees encompass two modes of operation:

  • Tele-remote
  • Line of sight.

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