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NSW as a destination to work, play and invest

NSW has Australia’s largest, most diverse economy.

Sea Cliff Bridge Clifton NSW

NSW is home to 8 million people, a strong and stable economy with a AAA credit rating and is projected to become Australia’s first trillion-dollar state by 2030.

When you invest in the regional NSW, you are investing in the future of NSW, a state full of opportunity and abundant minerals resources.

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Mineral wealth

NSW Resources is committed to NSW being a destination for safe and sustainable exploration and mining investment.

NSW has a proud history of mining stretching more than 200 years. Today, it is home to world-class mines and deposits, with further significant mineral potential undeveloped across the state.

With rich deposits of copper, rare earth elements, cobalt, scandium, silver, gold and other critical minerals and high-tech metals, we are well positioned to develop these resources to meet increasing demand for current and future technologies such as electric vehicles, solar technologies, defence and aerospace, wind turbines, electronics and medical applications to support renewable energy opportunities.

The NSW Government provides a range of support to businesses looking to invest in NSW, including a mining concierge and investment attraction service, a wealth of pre-competitive geological data from the Geological Survey of NSW, and a transparent approvals and regulatory process.

The exploration and mining industry in NSW is well-established with operations using leading technology and global expertise. Investors can have confidence that our regulatory framework affords mines in NSW with high environmental, social and governance (ESG) standing.

Read our NSW Mining Investor Register for potential mineral investors, or visit our Industry support page for more information.