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Exploration reports

Exploration reports are submitted by holders of authorities, including exploration licences, assessment leases and mining leases as a requirement under legislation. These reports and data are stored in the DIGS system.

The NSW Government has committed to making historical exploration reports and data available to support investment and address growing global demand for the state’s minerals, in line with the NSW Minerals Strategy (PDF, 1.83 MB). Subject to some limited exceptions, annual reports now remain confidential for 5 years after lodgement (section 365 of the Mining Act 1992, clause 64 of the Mining Regulation). The Annual Report Release Policy provides a framework for the release of reports and data where 5 or more years have passed since lodging the report.

Documents in DIGS may be confidential or open file, as determined by the Mining Act 1992 and the Mining Regulation 2016. Only open file documents can be accessed. Confidential documents comprise information that cannot be released publicly, or information that is the property of a company until such time it can be released under the Mining Regulation 2016.

If you have found a report classified confidential but believe it should be open file, please submit a confidential report enquiry form or email

Reports and data available include:

  • geochemistry
  • geophysics
  • drillhole logs
  • downhole surveys
  • mine reports
  • mineral studies
  • research reports
  • oil and gas surveys

DIGS also contains title and mining information such as survey plans, mining operation plans, environmental reports, mine working plans and licence conditions.

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