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Quarterly Notes

Quarterly Notes contains refereed papers, giving results of the work of the Geological Survey of New South Wales.

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No. Feature Article Issue date
157 Field guide and catalogue of Ordovician-Devonian fossils from the Cargelligo and Nymagee mapsheets, central New South Wales July 2023
156 Cenozoic volcanism in NSW Sep 2022
155 Upper Devonian sequences in the East Riverina area, southern New South Wales Sep 2021
154 Lochkovian (Early Devonian) corals and conodonts from the Elura Limestone Member, north of Cobar in central-western New South Wales Jun 2021
153 Basal Darriwilian graptolites and associated conodonts from New South Wales and their biostratigraphic implications Sep 2020
152 Alteration response to mineralisation in the Cobar mineral district, central Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales: a HyLogger™ case study Jun 2020
151 Isotope signatures of selected Silurian to Devonian mineral systems in the Nymagee area, central Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales Jun 2018
150 Looking back: the Geological Survey of New South Wales 1970–2017 Nov 2017
149(1) A 3D model for the Koonenberry Belt from geologically constrained inversion of potential field data Jun 2017
149(2) Origin of negative magnetic anomalies on the southwestern margin of the Thomson Orogen Jun 2017
148 Metamorphism in the Cobar Basin: current state of understanding and implications for mineralisation Feb 2017
147 Outcomes of the Nymagee mineral system study - an improved understanding of the timing of events and prospectivity of the central Lachlan Orogen Aug 2016
146 Coastal Quaternary mapping of the southern Hunter to northern Illawarra regions, New South Wales Nov 2015
145 Seamless geology of New South Wales: approach, methodology and application Sep 2015
144 New lead isotopic and geochronologic constraints on mineralisation in the Macquarie Arc - insights from the Lake Cowal district, New South Wales Aug 2015
143 Refined peak and retrograde metamorphic isograds for the Broken Hill and Euriowie blocks NSW & A concise geological history of the Broken Hill region May 2015
142 Interpreting the Oaklands Basin: morphology, stratigraphy and petroleum potential Dec 2014
141 New geochronological and isotopic constraints on granitoid-related gold mineralisation near Majors Creek, New South Wales Aug 2014
140 Using ASTER and geophysical mapping for mineral exploration in the Wagga Wagga and Cobar areas, N.S.W. May 2014
139 The Geoscientific Data Warehouse and Geoscience Product Catalogue Aug 2013
138 Permian fossils and palaeoenvironments of the northern Sydney Basin Jun 2012
137 A review of Cambrian and Ordovician stratigraphy in NSW Sep 2011
136 Fossil microbes in opal from Lightning Ridge - implications for the formation of opal Jun 2011
135 Phoenix: an Early Devonian granite-related tungsten deposit from the eastern Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales Feb 2011
134 A revised Triassic stratigraphy for the Lorne Basin, NSW Jun 2010
133 Contrasting age and isotope characteristics of volcanic-hosted and skarn-type mineralisation near The Glen, Goulburn, in the Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales Jan 2010
132 Mineral systems of the Murray Basin, New South Wales Oct 2009
131 The newly defined Glen Bell Formation, and a reappraisal of the Wisemans Arm Formation, Halls Creek district, northern NSW Apr 2009
130 The Siluro-Devonian geological time scale: a critical review and interim revision Mar 2009
129 Deep structure beneath the Murray Basin from teleseismic tomography Dec 2008
128 Mineral Systems and Processes in New South Wales: a project to enhance understanding and assist exploration Apr 2008
127 Volcanic arc-type rocks beneath cover 35 km to the northeast of Bourke Jan 2008
126 Geological units of the Port Macquarie - Tacking Point tract, north-eastern Port Macquarie Block, Mid North Coast region of New South Wales Oct 2007
125 A Middle Triassic age for felsic intrusions and associated mineralisation in the Doradilla prospect area, New South Wales Jul 2007
124 Evaluation of mineral resources of the  continental shelf, New South Wales Apr 2007
123 Cainozoic igneous rocks in the Bingara to Inverell area, northeastern New South Wales Jan 2007
122 The Fox Tor Diorite, a newly recognised intrusion within the New England Batholith, northern New South Wales Oct 2006
121 Inverell Exploration NSW geophysics - new data for exploration and geological investigations in the northern New England area of New South Wales Jul 2006
120 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of the Tara intrusion-related base metal deposit: implications for metallogenesis in the central Lachlan Orogen Apr 2006
119 The Willyama Supergroup in the Nardoo and Mount Woowoolahra Inliers Feb 2006
118 Murray-Riverina region: an interpretation of bedrock Palaeozoic geology based on geophysical data Apr 2005


Definition of the Brawlin Formation, Cootamundra area, New South Wales

2. Sulphur and lead isotope studies for the Cargelligo 1:250 000 map sheet area

Jun 2004


Mineral deposits and models, Cootamundra 1:250 000 map sheet area

Feb 2004


New geochronology from the Coolah-Mendooran area: evidence for Middle Jurassic erosion in the southern Surat Basin

Nov 2003


Peel South Exploration NSW geophysics - interpretation of new data for exploration and geological investigations in the western New England area of New South Wales

Jan 2003


Volcanic Textures in the Palaeoproterozoic Hores Gneiss, Broken Hill, Australia

Nov 2002


An Internet Information Delivery Vehicle for the Resources Industry - DIGS on the Net

Jan 2002


Peel Discovery 2000 Geophysics - Providing Keys to Exploration in the Western New England Region of New South Wales

Jul 2001


Age constraints on strata enclosing the Cadia and Junction Reefs ore deposits of central New South Wales, and tectonic implications by GH Packham, IG Percival & GCO Bischoff 40Ar/39Ar dating of deformations west of the Hill End Trough, Lachlan Orogen by R Glen, P Lennox & D Foster

Dec 1999


DIGS - Digital Imaging of Geological System, an interactive database for the MINERAL industry by G Brookes, J Mong, J Xie, C Bembrick, N Aadil, G Kouzmina, B Shi and S Barry

Apr 1999


Late Ordovician biostratigraphy of the northern Rockley - Gulgong volcanic belt by IG Percival / Ordovician stratigraphy of the northern Molong volcanic belt: new facts and figures by IG Percival, EJ Morgan and MM Scott

Feb 1999


Controls on opal localisation in the White Cliffs area by GR Burton & AJ Mason / The age of the Nandilyan and Narragal LIMESTONEs, Molong high, Central Western New South Wales by IG Percival

Sep 1998


A comparative study: Calc-silicate ellipsoids from Broken Hill and diagenetic carbonate concretions from the Sydney Basin by BRJ Stevens

Mar 1998


A re-appraisal of the Darling Basin Devonion sequence by Colin Bembrick

Nov 1997


GEOLOGY of the Cargelligo and Narrandera map sheets area: removing the cover using Discovery 2000 geophysics by AP Clare, GD Fleming & RA Glen / GEOLOGY and sand resources of the Stockton Bight-Port Stephens area by J Whitehouse

May 1997


MINERAL deposits of the Glen Innes 1:100 000 map sheet area by RE Brown

Apr 1997


Stratigraphy, structure and MINERALisation of the Mudgee 1:100 000 geological map sheet, by GP Colquhoun, NS Meakin, JP Krynen, JJ Watkins, EK Yoo, GTM Henderson & EA Jagodzinski

Mar 1997


Preliminary Palaeozoic bedrock interpretation of the Narromine and Nyngan 1:250 000 sheet areas by D Hillyard, M Drummond, A Clare, Y Sanders, Z Aung, R Glen, P Ruszkowski, G Fleming, P Lewis and D Robson / Palaeontology of drill hole DM Northern Parkes DDH 3 by IG Percival

Jan 1997


The age of the Tanwarra Shale, by JW Pickett, L Sherwin and J Watkins

Oct 1996


The limburgite Suite in the Bathurst Dubbo area, by LM Barron and BJ Barron

Apr 1996


MINERAL deposits of the Bingara, Croppa Creek, Gravesend and Yallaroi 1:100 000 sheet areas, by RE Brown

Nov 1995


Fault-related MINERALisation in the Teatree Creek GOLDfield, Tamworth Belt, New England orogen, by RA Glen & RE Brown / Hydrocarbon potential of Blantyre Mount Emu region (Darling Basin), by A Sinelnikov

May 1995


Palaeozoic stratigraphy of the Narromine 1:250 000 sheet area, by L Sherwin

Jul 1994


The Orange 1:100 000 sheet: a preliminary account of stratigraphy, structure and tectonics, and implications for MINERALisation, by RA Glen and JJ Watkins

Apr 1994


Subduction DIAMONDS in New South Wales implications for exploration in eastern Australia, by LM Barron, SR Lishmund, GM Oakes & BJ Barron / Recommendation for suppression of the term Bogan Gate SANDSTONE, by L Sherwin

Jan 1994


Structural framework of New South Wales, by E Scheibner

Oct 1993


The Monaro Volcanic of the Cooma district, by GW Pratt, PC Lewis, G Taylor, MC Brown, IC Roach & KG McQueen

Jul 1993


The Late Devonian Early Caroniferous succession at Slaughterhouse Creek, Gravesend, by JW Pickett / MINERAL deposits of the Inverell 1:100 000 sheet, by RE Brown and WJ Stroud.

Apr 1993


Early Ordovician graptolite from the Peak Hill district by L Sherwin / MINERAL deposits of the Newton Boyd and Grafton 1:100 000 sheet areas by HF Henley.

Jan 1990


A structural model for vein MINERALisation in the Huonville GOLD field, Broken Hill, New South Wales, by GR Burton / Thermoluminescence dating of Quaternary sediments from the Nyngan Walgett area, by JJ Watkins

Oct 1992


The early Proterozoic Willyama Surpergroup in the Euriowie Block, New South Wales, by RE Brown, BPJ Stevens & WJ Stroud

Jul 1992


New and revised geological units from the Inverell and Goondiwindi 1:250 000 sheet areas, New England Fold Belt, by WJ Stroud

Apr 1992


Siluro-Devonian biostratigraphy of central New South Wales, by L Sherwin

Jan 1992


New Cambrian and Early Ordovician ages from the New South Wales south coast, by IR Stewart & RA Glen / Age and relations of stratigraphic units in the Murda Syncline area, by JW Pickett & L McClatchie.

Oct 1991


Late Permian volcanics in New England the Wandsworth Volcanic Group, by RG Barnes, RE Brown, JW Brownlow and WJ Stroud

Jul 1991


Quaternary dinoflagellate distribution in a borehole from Lake Macquarie, by A McMinn / Lamprophyres and GOLD in the New England Fold Belt, by HF Henley

Apr 1991


Piedmont magnesite deposit a hydrothermal vein system in the Great Serpentinite Belt, by JW Brownlow & PM Ashley

Jan 1991


The Budawang Synclinorium: a MINERALised thrust system with implications for the Carboniferous (and younger) tectonics of New South Wales, by RA Glen & PC Lewis

Oct 1990


Jerrys Plains Mini Sosie reflection seismic survey, Hunter COALfield, by J Moloney / Interpretation of regional and detailed aeromagnetic data over the Owendale Intrusive Complex, Fifield, New South Wales, by R Spencer

Jul 1990


Industrial MINERAL and FOSSIL fuel deposits of the Manilla and eastern Narrabri 1:250 000 sheets, by JW Brownlow & RE Brown

Apr 1990


Ordovician and Silurian strata south of Trundle, New South Wales, by JW Pickett & IA Ingpen

Jan 1990


Tertiary volcanism, alluvial processes, and the origin of Sapphire deposits at "e;Braemar"e;, near Elsmore, north eastern, New South Wales, by SR Pecover & RR Coenrads

Oct 1989


Tertiary palynology in the Inverell area, by A McMinn

Jul 1989


GEOLOGY and COAL resources of the Maison Dieu area, near Singleton, Hunter COALfield, by JS Brunton & J Moloney / Metalliferous MINERAL resource summary, Manilla and easternmost Narrabri 1:250 000 sheets, by RE Brown & J Krynen

Apr 1989


Revision of GEOLOGY in the Coast Range - Red Cliff area, south eastern Clarence Moreton Basin, New South Wales by IL Willis

Jan 1989


Structural subdivision of the Gunnedah Basin by NZ Tadros / Basin inversion, thrusts, and ore deposits at Cobar, New South Wales: a preliminary report by RA Glen / K-Ar isotopic age dates a compilation

Oct 1988


A California model for the New England Fold Belt by MC Blake Jnr & BL Murchey / New and revised lithostratigraphic units from the south western New England Fold Belt by JC Aitchison, MC Blake Jnr, PG Flood & BL Murchey / The Rocky Glen Ridge and Gilgandra Trough, beneath the Surat Basin

Jul 1988


Maceral composition: variations and significance to the formation of the Hoskissons COAL Member, Gunnedah Basin, by NZ

Apr 1988


Depositional controls on quality of the Hoskissons COAL Member, Black Jack, Formation, Gunnedah Basin, by NZ Tadros.

Jan 1988


Newly defined stratigraphic units from the western New England Fold Belt, Manilla 1:250 000 sheet area, by RE Brown / The GEOLOGY, COAL resources, and hydrocarbon occurrence within A376, Bulga area, Hunter COALfield, by MJ Sniffin, J Beckett & J Moloney

Oct 1987


GEOLOGY and COAL resources of the Narrabri area, by NZ Tadros, J Whitehouse & RS Moffitt / Note on the southern extent of the Hutton SANDSTONE and Walloon COAL Measures in the Surat Basin, by LT Etheridge & A McMinn

Jul 1987


Revision of stratigraphic units in the Forbes Parkes Tomingley district by L Sherwin, I Clarke & JP Krynen

Apr 1987


New stratigraphic and structural data from the Surat and Gunnedah Basins and implications for petroleum exploration by LT Etheridge / Walgett 1:250 000 sheet geological interpretation from regional aeromagnetic and gravity data by A Agostini

Jan 1987


Platinum in basic to ultrabasic intrusive complexes at Fifield: a preliminary report by DW Suppel & LM Barron / Extract chemistry of potential petroleum source rocks within the Eromanga Basin, New South Wales by KW Gould & LT Etheridge / Sedimentary and tectonic evolution, upper Black Jack Formation, Gunnedah Basin by NZ Tadros

Oct 1986


A reconnaissance study of the GEOLOGY and GOLD deposits of the West Wyalong Temora Adelong district by DW Suppel, AYE Warren, JJ Watkins, J Chapman, K Tenison Woods & L Barron / An Ordovician age of the Girilambone Group at Yanda Creek, east of Cobar by IR Stewart & RA Glen / Preliminary report on new isotopic evidence for and implications of an Early Devonian deformation at Cobar by RA Glen, RD Dallmeyer & LP Black

Jul 1986


A basaltic diatreme intruding granitoids of the New England Batholith east of Glen Innes, New South Wales by IL Willis & RG Barnes

Apr 1986


GEOLOGY of the Deriah Forest area implications for the structure and stratigraphy of the Gunnedah Basin by MBL Hill / Eromanga Basin petroleum stratigraphic drill hole by LT Etheridge, A McMinn, M Smyth, IL Walsh & B Davies / Lacustrine facies upper Black Jack Formation Gunnedah Basin by NZ Tadros

Jan 1986


A new stratigraphic unit of the Willyama Supergroup, western New South Wales by RE Brown / Preliminary interpretation of regional basement GEOLOGY in northwestern New South Wales by BPJ Stevens

Oct 1985


The Waka experiment high resolution seismic reflection survey (1984) / Eromanga Basin by LT Etheridge, D Palmer & IL Walsh / Clarence - Moreton Basin stratigraphic drill hole by LT Etheridge, DS Hamilton, I McDonald, A McMinn, & M Smythe

Jul 1985


GEOLOGY, depositional environments, and COAL resources of the Breeza area by NZ Tadros

Apr 1985


Victoria Park high-resolution seismic survey, Picton, New South Wales, by L Etheridge, C Herbert & D Palmer / The age of marine sediments near Tumblong, south west of Gundagai, by JW Pickett, S Turner & B Myers

Jan 1985


The depositional GEOLOGY of the Jerrys Plains Subgroup, Upper Hunter Region, New South Wales by J Beckett & I McDonald / Pre Basalt topography on Mount Tomah, New South Wales by John Pickett

Oct 1984


The Nobbys Dudley Yard seam, Kilaben Bay, Newcastle area, by HN Bowman & J Whitehouse / A computer program for trend surface analysis of geological data using a personal computer

Jul 1984


Permian depositional systems in the Gunnedah region by DS Hamilton & J Beckett

Apr 1984


GEOLOGY and COAL resources of the Tomago area, north of Newcastle, by J Whitehouse / Geological implications of Pleistocene invertebrates from water bore WRC.39275, near Bulahdelah a correction, by JW Pickett / Nyngan 1:250 000 sheet a preliminary geological interpretation from regional aeromagnetic and gravity data, by A Agostini

Jan 1984


New occurrences of Ordovician graptolites from central New South Wales by L Sherwin / Petroleum source rock and reservoir characteristics of the Gunnedah Basin by L Etheridge / DIAMONDS, SAPPHIRES, and Cretaceous/Tertiary diatremes in New South Wales by SR Lishmund and G Oakes

Oct 1983


Revised correlation of Cretaceous lithostratigraphic units in New South Wales, by V Scheibnerov? / Geological implications of Pleistocene invertebrates from water bore WRC.39275, near Bulahdelah, by JW Pickett

Jul 1983


Permian and Triassic stratigraphy and sedimentation in the Gunnedah Narrabri Coonabarabran region by J Beckett, DS Hamilton & CR Weber / Interesting hydrocarbon occurrences in a COAL bore in the Picton area, Southern Sydney Basin by BW Mullard, CJ Baker & HN Bowman

Apr 1983


The Toolbuc Formation in the Eromanga Basin of New South Wales by A McMinn / Cliff erosion rates in the South Sydney region, central New South Wales coast by PO Roy

Jan 1983


The Amphitheatre Group, Cobar, New South Wales: preliminary results of new mapping and implications for ore search by RA Glen / GEOLOGY and COAL resources of the northern part of the Oaklands Basin by EK Yoo

Oct 1982


GEOLOGY and COAL resources west of Boggabri by NZ Tadros

Jul 1982


The Mount Hope Group and its comagmatic granites on the Mount Allen 1:100 000 sheet, New South Wales by LM Barron, E Scheibner & DW Suppel / The 1980 East Muswellbrook COAL Drilling Programme

Apr 1982


Preliminary report on the GEOLOGY of the Tumut 1:100 000 sheet area, southern New South Wales by H Basden (Jan 1982)



COAL rank and organic diagenesis studies in the Gunnedah Basin: preliminary results by TG Russell & MF Middleton

Oct 1981


The age of the Ootha Group by L Sherwin / Supposed Silurian conodonts from west of the Gocup Granite: a Correction by JW Pickett & TBH Jenkins

Jul 1981


A Miocene microflora from the Home Rule kaolin deposit by A McMinn / An example of liquid immiscibility by LM Barron / Petroleum exploration activity in New South Wales, 1971-1980 by TG Russell

Apr 1981

No. 42

Natural Gas Pipelines Survey by JJ Hobbs & GF Winter / Valley bulging, Mangrove Creek Dam near Gosford, New South Wales by GH McNally / FOSSIL shell assemblages in Lake Macquarie by PO Roy

Jan 1981


Weathering of Hawkesbury SANDSTONE shale lenses implications for ceramic evaluation by RW Corkery

Oct 1980


Prospects for oil shale in the Eromanga Basin, New South Wales by C Herbert

Jul 1980


Faunal correlation of the Siluro-Devonian units, MINERAL Hill Trundle Peak Hill area by L Sherwin

Apr 1980


Narrabeen Group at North Head, Port Jackson by C Herbert / The GEOLOGY of New South Wales cobalt deposits by CR Weber

Jan 1980


The Nundle GOLD field, New South Wales by CR Weber

Oct 1979


The Mulga Downs Group and its relation to the Amphitheatre Group south west of Cobar by RA Glen / New Early Permian FOSSIL localities at Halls Peak and their regional significance by PR Degeling & B Runnegar

Jul 1979


Palynomorphs in Mesozoic volcanoes of the Sydney basin by R Helby & R Morgan / Age of the Nelungaloo Volcanics, near Parkes by L Sherwin

Apr 1979


Large-scale early folding and tectonic levels in the northwestern part of the Willyama Complex, New South Wales Discussion and Reply, by GJ Corbett & RA Glen / Some base metal deposits in the Mount Robe area, Broken Hill: their classification and relevance to lead isotope interpretation by RG Barnes

Jan 1979


Reappraisal of GEOLOGY, Cobar Canbelego MINERAL Hill region, central western New South Wales by DJ Pogson & EA Felton / MINERAL deposits in the Cobar Super group and their structural setting by LB Gilligan & DW Suppel

Oct 1978


Proposed nomenclature for the Cainozoic sediments of the Penrith - Windsor area / Microfilming techniques for Geological Survey reports by DSL Clift & C Weir

Jul 1978


Further evidence for the age of the Sofala Volcanics by J Pickett / Large scale early folding and tectonic levels in the north western part of the Willyama Complex, New South Wales by J Pickett

Apr 1978


Reinterpretation of "e;pegmatite"e; in the Centennial Allendale portion of the Broken Hill lock, by BPJ Stevens

Jan 1978


Stratigraphy and palynology of the Oaklands Basin, New South Wales by R Morgan / Correlation of sequences in the eastern side of the Coonamble Embayment and the Gunnedah Basin by DJ Bourke and JM Hawke

Oct 1977


The Mount Boppy GOLD mine: an unusual type of GOLD deposit by LB Gilligan / New dinoflagellate zones and a depositional model for the Great Australian Basin by R Morgan

Jul 1977


Correlation of Cretaceous lithostratigraphic, lithological, palynological, and foraminiferal units in the Great Australian Basin, by V Scheibnerov? / A Summary of the GEOLOGY of the northern part of the Willyama Complex, Broken Hill Block, New South Wales, by J Thomson

Apr 1977


The origin of some Permo-Triassic metal zones in the New England region, New South Wales by CR Weber & E Scheibner / COAL exploration programmes of the New South Wales Department of Mines, 1968-1976

Jan 1977


The construction material resources of the Mittagong Moss Vale area by V Gobert / Feldspathic raw material from the alkali rocks of New South Wales by WV Langley

Oct 1976


Eocene microfloras from the eastern Murray Basin, New South Wales, by WK Harris & R Morgan / The Secrets section through the Cotton Beds north of Parkes, by L Sherwin

Jul 1976


Goulburn Valley COAL drilling by GG Holmes

Apr 1976


Trace FOSSILS in the Cobar Group and time equivalent formations by L Sherwin

Jan 1976


A summary of the GEOLOGY of the Michelago 1:100 000 sheet by SJ Richardson / Correlation of foraminferal and palynological datum horizons, zones, and subzones in the Cretaceous of the Great Australian Basin by V Scheibnerov? / Early Silurian graptolites near Bredbo, by SJ Richardson & L Sherwin

Oct 1975


Revised stratigraphy of the Cobar-Gunderbooka area, by CJ Baker, BL Schmidt, & L Sherwin

Jul 1975


Scope of major project A17 disseminated COPPER deposits of the north eastern part of the Lachlan Fold Belt, by HN Bowman / Shell deposits, Port Stephens, by C Peat & PS Roy

Apr 1975


Recent evidence for the age of Great Australian Basin Cretaceous sediments in New South Wales, by J Byrnes, R Morgan & V Scheibnerov? / Glaciation and the Benambran Orogeny, by L Sherwin

Jan 1975


A new Ordovician graptolite locality east of Tarago, New South Wales by E Anne Felton & L Sherwin / The Torrington silexite deposits / Stratigraphic revisions in the Tarago-Woodlawn-Mount Fairy area by E Felton / Dual pipe reverse circulation drilling, Oaklands Basin drilling programme by G Palese

Oct 1974


A structural subdivision of the Surat Basin in the Warialda area by DJ Bourke / Revised stratigraphic nomenclature for the Yass 1:100 000 sheet by DJ Pogson & CJ Baker / Structural subdivision of the Great Australian Basin in New South Wales by DJ Bourke, JM Hawke & E Scheibner / Implications for New South Wales of a new model for porphyry COPPER deposits by BPJ Stevens

Jul 1974


Abstracts from seminar on storage and retrieval of geological information with particular reference to computer systems / Preliminary report on the GEOLOGY of the Cootamundra 1:100 000 sheet by H Basden

Apr 1974


Progress report on the eastern Lachlan Fold Belt metallogenic mapping project by HN Bowman / The Lachlan River Lineament and its relationship to metallic deposits by E Scheibner & BPJ Stevens

Jan 1974


Siluro-Devonian strata east of Wyalong by L Sherwin / A note on the terminology of ancient glaciogenic and similar nonglaciogenic sedimentary rocks and on their use in formal stratigraphic nomenclature by K Rankama / Preliminary interpretation of continental shelf sediments, Narooma 1:100 000 sheet by CS Bembrick

Oct 1973


A bibliographic information storage and retrieval system for geological reports by DSL Clift & P Michie / Possible Cretaceous dispersal routes for Austral foraminifera by V Scheibnerov?

Jul 1973


Structural subdivision of the New South Wales portion of the Sydney Bowen Basin by CS Bembrick, C Herbert, E Scheibner & J Stuntz / Striated pebbles from the late Precambrian Adelaidean by PF Cooper / Igneous rocks associated with ultramafics along the Peel Thrust, New South Wales by RA Glen & JP Heugh

Apr 1973


Possible Mississippi Valley-type deposits at Cooleman, south eastern New South Wales, by LB Gilligan

Jan 1973


The Coil Basalt, by CS Bembrick / Geochemical sampling of the ironstone at Corona, Broken Hill district, by LB Gilligan

Oct 1972


An area/subject system for computer storage and retrieval of geological reports by J Adrian / The Peel Thrust and is tectonic history by E Scheibner & RA Glen

Jul 1972


The Kanmantoo Pre-Cratonic Province in New South Wales by E Scheibner / Stratigraphy and structure of the Grose SANDSTONE in the Blue Mountains by CS Bembrick & WN Holland

Apr 1972


New stratigraphic units from the Forbes district, by L Sherwin / Ordovician Graptolite-Conodont Associates from the Goulburn district, by L Sherwin / Further occurrences of the Nile Sub-Group, by CS Bembrick & GG Holes

Jan 1992


Relationship of the Clyde COAL Measures to the Pigeon House Creek Siltstone, southern Sydney Basin, by RJ Helby & C Herbert / The term tillite and the Australian Code of Stratigraphic Nomenclature, by PF Cooper

Oct 1971


Preliminary report on DM Callala DDH 1 by CS Bembrick & GG Holmes / Pre-Upper Cambrian Sediments East of COPPER Mine Range, New South Wales by DJ Pogson & E Scheibner / Preliminary Report on COPPER Lodes in the Tottenham and Albert Areas, Central Western New South Wales

Jul 1971


Source of SAPPHIRES in the New England district, New South Wales by AA MacNevin / Petroleum exploration drilling in New South Wales by CS Bembrick / The upper Precambrian Adelaidean of the Broken Hill area - a new subdivision by MB Huleatt / Correlation of Silurian rocks in the Braidwood and Captains Flat districts by MB Huleatt

Apr 1971


Age of the Windellama LIMESTONE by J Pickett & MB Huleatt / Petroleum Exploration in the Sydney Basin 1965-1970 by CS Bembrick

Jan 1971


Age of the Billabong Creek LIMESTONE by L Sherwin / Nomenclature, Sydney Basin by C Herbert.

Oct 1970