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"Records of the Geological Survey of New South Wales" is a quality series of publications covering geological or palaeontological work carried out between 1889 and 1990 by the Geological Survey of New South Wales.

Digital copies of the Record series can be downloaded free of charge from DIGS, Records from 1970 to 1990 are shown below click on a title to view.

Printed copies of some Records are available for purchase from Shop Regional.

  • Records 23 - Part 1 (1990)
    Geological Setting of Gold and Copper Deposits in the Parkes area, New South Wales.
  • Records 22 - Part 2 (1986)
    A Summary Record of Mineral Deposits in the Broken Hill Block.
  • Records 22 - Part 1 (1986)
    Cretaceous Biostratigraphy of the Great Australian Basin based on Benthonic Foraminifera.
  • Records 21 - Part 2 (1983)
    Palaeozoic Island Arc and Arc Mineral Deposits in the Central West of New South Wales.
  • Records 21 - Part 1 (1983)
    Rocks of the Broken Hill Block: Their Classification, Nature, Stratigraphic Distribution and Origin.
  • Records 20 - Part 2 (1981)
    Holocene Geological Evolution of the Southern Botany Bay - Kurnell Region, Central New South Wales Coast.
  • Records 20 - Part 1 (1980)
    A Guide to Stratigraphy and Mineralization of the Broken Hill Block, New South Wales.
  • Records 19 - Part 1 (1980
    Stratigraphy of the Mesozoic sequence in the Warialda-Goondiwindi Area.
    Comparative foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Santos Oodnadatta No.1 section, South Australia
  • Records 18 - Part 1 (1976)
    An interpretation of the subsurface geology of the Nowra-Jervis Bay area.
    A dismembered ophiolite suite at Port Macquarie, New South Wales.
    Bathymetry and bottom sediments of Tuross estuary and Coila Lake.
  • Records 17 - Part 1 (1975)
    Geology, extractive resources, engineering geology and mining factors influencing town planning in Tweed Shire.
    Coastal geology of the Cudgen area, North Coast of New South Wales.
    Bathymetry and bottom sediments of Lake Macquarie.
    Bathymetry and bottom sediments of Lake Illawarra.
  • Records 16 - Part 3 (1975)
    Silurian Graptolites from the Forbes Group.
    Results of Radiometric Dating Programme, 1971-1973.
    The Eden-Comerong-Yalwal Rift Zones and the Contained Gold Mineralization.
  • Records 16 - Part 2 (1975)
    Surface Geological mapping at the Aspley copper mine near Perthville.
    Base-metal mineralisation associated with Silurian acid volcanics in the eastern part of the Lachlan Fold Belt of New South Wales.
    Burraga copper mine, Burraga.
  • Records 16 - Part 1 (1974)
    Code for calculating reporting coal reserves.
    Report of Subcommittee for the Northern Coalfields.
  • Records 15 - Part 2 (1973)
    The Upper Hunter Gold Field.
    Optimal mixing procedures and abrasion tests of fluorescent dyed sand.
    Geology and mineralisation at the Tharsis mine, with a general review of the Cobar field.
    A reappraisal of the Lorne Basin.
    Revision of nomenclature of granitic intrusions a Burrinjuck, Young, and Cowra
  • Records 15 - Part 1 (1973)
    The values of palaeotemperature measurements and palaeobioprovincial analysis of fossil animals for palaeogeographical reconstruction.
    Non-tropical Cretaceous foraminfera in Atlantic deep-sea cores and their implications for continental drift and palaeooceonography of the South Atlantic Ocean.
    Stratigraphy of the Forbes-Bogan Gate district.
  • Records 14 - Part 2 (1972)
    Geology and Gold Deposits of the Sebastopol-Junee Reefs area.
    Geology and mining history of the Temora Gold Field.
    Natural slope stability in the City of Greater Wollongong.
  • Records 14 - Part 1 (1972)
    Palaeodrainage patterns in the southern Sydney Basin.
    Sapphires in the New England district, NSW.
    Tectonic concepts and tectonic mapping.
    Some new views on Cretaceous biostratigraphy, based on the concept of foraminiferal biogeoprovinces.
  • Records 13 - Part 4 (1971)
    Stratigraphic units in the Molong district, New South Wales.
    Stratigraphy of the Cheesemans Creek district, New South Wales
  • Records 13 - Part 3 (1970)
    Foraminfera and their Mesozoic biogeoprovinces
  • Records 13 - Part 2 (1971)
    Limestone in the Jenolan Caves area.
    The lower Triassic Newport Formation, Narrabeen Group, southern Sydney Basin.
    Trilobites of the subfamily Phacopinae from NSW.
    Standing committee on Coalfield Geology of NSW.
  • Records 13 - Part 1 (1971) 
    Palaeoecology and palaeogeography of Cretaceous deposits of the Great Artesian Basin (1971)
  • Records 12 - Part 2 (1970)
    Geology and coal resources of the Liddell State Coal Mine holding, Hunter Valley, New South Wales.
    Permian plant microfossils from the Newcastle Coal Measures.
    Narrabeen Group boundary, Lake Munmorah, New South Wales.
    A geological appraisal of road materials in Coolah Shire, central New South Wales.
    The ultraviolet photoluminescent minerals of Broken Hill.
    Palaeoenvironment and revised nomenclature of the upper Shoalhaven Group and Illawarra Coal Measures in the Wollongong-Kiama area, New South Wales.
  • Records 12 - Part 1 (1970)
    The Tulloch silver mine, Rockvale, northern NSW.
    The sedimentology and palaeoenvironment of the Triassic Wianamatta Group sandstone, Sydney Basin.
    A new technique for producing fluorescent sand.
    Note on the presence of allanite in the Broken Hill lode.
    Geochemical sampling at the Rockvale arsenic mine near Armidale, NSW.
    The application of the electrical resistivity method in the search for ground water at Bungendore, NSW.
    Preliminary results on studies of graptolites from the Forbes district, NSW.

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