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Are you a “Small Mine”?

A “small mine” under Schedule 8A of the Mining Regulation 2016 is not a large mine and also includes all mines that do not need an environment protection licence (EPL) under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

From 2 July 2023, a range of new mining lease conditions will apply to all small mines and replace existing rehabilitation and environmental management conditions on current leases.

The conditions support best practice mine site rehabilitation by ensuring progressive rehabilitation occurs in a manner that achieves sustainable final land uses following the completion of mining.

To prepare for these changes, small mines should:

  1. Familiarise themselves with the new provisions by reviewing the information provided on the website.
  2. If you are not already registered as a mine operator / title holder in the Resources Regulator Portal please send an email to and request to register as an authorised user in the Resources Regulator Portal. If you are not the holder of the mining lease, you will need to attach a letter of authorisation from the mining lease holder (e.g., the company Director). Small mines will be required to use the portal for all documentation submissions under Schedule 8A of the Mining Regulation 2016.
  3. Book an engagement session with the Resources Regulator by sending an email to We will arrange a one-on-one briefing session at a time convenient for you and your team.

The Resources Regulator will also run an online workshop for small mines in May / June 2023 to explain document lodging via the Resources Regulator Portal. To register your interest in the upcoming Small Mines workshop please email

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