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A NSW Government website

Underground mine workers laughing

Safety resources

Safety-related Regulator publications including safety alerts, safety bulletins, incident information releases, weekly incident summaries, guidance material and investigation reports. 

General guidance

Alerts and bulletins

Highlighting work health and safety issues for the NSW mining industry

Codes of practice

An index of safety and health related codes of practice.

Legislation guidance

Factsheets and guides relating to WHS legislation and WHS (Mines and Petroleum Sites) legislation

Mining design guidelines and TRGs

An index of mining design publications produced by the NSW Government

Weekly incident summary

View weekly news on reportable incidents and safety advice for the NSW mining industry


Activity and safety reports

Providing information on key regulatory activities carried out and sector-specific information, in addition to information on trends and patterns regarding hazards

Investigation reports

Provide information useful for a risk assessment, cause and circumstance of the incident, findings, and the actions taken after the incident

Statistical publications and reports

Key mine safety audit reports, International Mining Fatality Review database, fire protection, and underground fires documents

Safety performance measures

The collection, validation, trend analysis, interpretation, and reporting of industry safety data



Access forms related to work health and safety legislation and work health and safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) legislation