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Mining vehicle interaction controls

The NSW Resources Regulator sought your feedback to help improve the safety of workers in NSW mines.

What’s this about?

The NSW Resources Regulator sought feedback on the potential pathways and position it should take to address adverse vehicle interactions in the NSW mining industry.

The regulator has released its vehicle interaction controls discussion paper (PDF, 606.55 KB). The paper provides options the regulator can take to improve safety measures between vehicles and workers in NSW mines.

The discussion paper addresses concerns about the number of vehicle interactions occurring at NSW mines.

The regulator recognises the efforts of mine operators, suppliers and industry organisations in coming up with ways to make things safer, but the regulator believes more needs to be done to put safety measures in place.

Mine operators have a big responsibility to make sure the work environment is safe, and must take steps to reduce risks to the health and safety of their workers, if they can't get rid of them completely.

Public consultation

Public consultation took place from 27 July 2023 to 8 September 2023.