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Policies and guidelines

Breach of exam rules

The Breach of exam rules policy (PDF, 120.39 KB) describes the framework for dealing with allegations of a candidate breaching the rules of a certificate of competence examination.

Causal investigation policy

The Causal investigation policy (PDF, 325.51 KB) describes the framework for carrying out a causal investigation, for a quick and full understanding of the causes of safety incidents, and publication of corresponding lessons to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Engagement and public consultation policy

The Engagement and public consultation policy (PDF, 258.88 KB) outlines the framework for stakeholder engagement and public consultation.

Innovation policy

The purpose of the Innovation policy (PDF, 317.71 KB)  is to make clear how we will ensure that the regulatory framework for work health and safety at mines and petroleum sites:

  • supports continuous improvement of health and safety through design, technology, product and system innovation and development
  • does not directly, or indirectly, inhibit investment in the development and adoption of improved technologies and products.

To ensure there are clear pathways for the consideration of innovations currently prevented by legislation or technical standards the policy provides for the submission of an innovation policy application (DOCX, 95.72 KB).

Public comment policy

The Public comment policy (PDF, 274.84 KB) explains when we comment publicly on our activities, our general approach to public comment and limitations on informing the public of our regulatory activities.

Sponsorship policy

The NSW Resources Regulator does not use sponsorship as a primary tool in conducting its core business. However, sponsorship may be used in very limited circumstances where there are tangible benefits to the Regulator that will likely lead to improved safety, environmental or community outcomes in relation to the regulation of the NSW mining, extractive and petroleum industry. Our Sponsorship Policy (PDF, 224.26 KB) helps clarify our requirements and conditions for using industry funds for sponsorship activities.

If you are looking for the Regulator to sponsor your event or activity, please call 1300 814 609 or email to request an application form.

Rehabilitation security deposits policy

All exploration and mining title holders are required to lodge a security deposit with the Department that covers the full rehabilitation costs. This requirement ensures that the NSW Government does not incur financial liabilities in the event of a title holder defaulting on their rehabilitation obligations. Further details are provided in our Policy: Rehabilitation security deposits (PDF, 182.29 KB).