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Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered about the certificate of competence scheme in NSW

How can I apply for a certificate of competence?

The application for examinations and certificates of competence for NSW statutory function is available on the Resources Regulator Portal which can be accessed through the How to apply page.

A separate application must be submitted for each certificate of competence that you are seeking to apply for.

To apply to be examined to obtain a certificate of competence, you will need to complete an online application form and provide evidence of your identity, age, qualifications and experience.

You can read the Guide – Applying for a certificate of competence to better understand the evidence, knowledge and capabilities required to apply for a certificate of competence. If you are able to satisfy the criteria as outlined in the guide, you can apply.

What is a briefing session and how can I register to attend one?

Applicants should attend a briefing session conducted by examination panel members on how to apply and prepare for certificate of competence examinations. Attendance is highly recommended but is optional.

Briefing sessions are generally held one to three months before the closing date for an exam. Register your interest in attending a briefing session by selecting the link on the Briefing sessions page to access the event (at no charge). Recordings of briefing sessions may also be found on the same page and will be updated as new sessions are held.

Are there any fees payable to apply for an exam?

An initial application fee is payable with your application. Refer to the exam fee schedule factsheet (PDF, 246.32 KB) for the current application fee. The application fee is non-refundable.

Are there any fees payable to sit an exam?

After your application or re-sit application is processed and you are approved, you will receive an invitation with details of the exam you are about to sit. This invitation will include a link to pay the applicable written or oral examination fee to be paid by the specified date in the invitation.

Refer to the exam fee schedule factsheet (PDF, 246.32 KB) for the current examination fee. The exam fee is refundable, less a $50 administration fee, only where notification of non-attendance is received in advance of the exam date.

What happens after I complete a written exam?

You will receive your results after the examiners have completed their assessments through the Resources Regulator portal. The results will detail the next step in the assessment process and will be received within six weeks of sitting your exam. If you are successful, you will be invited to attend an oral exam.

What happens after I complete an oral exam?

You will receive your results after completing your oral exam through the Resources Regulator portal. This can take up to six weeks. If you are deemed not yet competent, your results will advise how to attend the next oral exam. If you are deemed competent, you will have your certificate of competence mailed to you.

Can I resit written or oral exams?

You can reapply for the next exam through the Resources Regulator Portal. If you decide to re-sit an exam, we ask that you carefully review the examiner's report to see how you can improve. Please be aware some candidates require several attempts to pass the examination process successfully and be deemed competent. 

What if I am not satisfied with my examination results?

You should contact the mining competence team on 02 4063 6461. We will provide you with feedback and comments on your assessment outcome. If you are still not satisfied, you can complete our Application to request an exam review on the Resources Regulator Portal within 28 days from the date you were advised of your exam result.

There is a fee for review which is detailed in our Fact sheet: Examination fee schedule (PDF, 246.32 KB). You must include the reasons why you believe your exam results were wrong, made in error or were otherwise inadequate.

Can I get my overseas or inter-state qualifications recognised?

Yes, recognition is available for a number of qualifications and competencies within Australia and New Zealand. Read more about Recognition procedures.

What happens if I lose my certificate?

If you lose or damage your certificate of competence, you can apply for a replacement through the Resources Regulator Portal