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Equipment at mine site


Important information regarding notifying the Regulator of incidents, events and activities.

Report an incident or injury

Report serious injury, illness, death, or dangerous incidents, immediately.


Under certain conditions, a bullying notification can be made to the Regulator and/or other agencies.

High risk activities

Activities considered high risk must be notified to the Regulator before they can be undertaken.

Health-related notifications

Activities that pose health risks to workers must be reported to the Regulator.

Work health and safety reports

Section 126 of the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2022 requires certain mine operators to give the Regulator a work health and safety report. The report must be submitted annually and must provide certain information, including details of incidents and injuries at the mine during the year.

Mining Act notifications

Clause 19 of the Mining Regulation 2016 requires mines to nominate a contact person, report non-compliances and provide notification of certain development consents.

Nomination of a competent person in the absence of a Quarry Manager

A mine operator must notify a government official of certain information to demonstrate that their nominee is a competent person.

Mine or petroleum site operator

Notification of a mine or petroleum site operator must be completed before mining operations can begin in NSW.

Worker representatives

Notify the Regulator of the election of a mine health and safety representative.

Other matters (reportable events)

Certain matters known as reportable events must be notified to the regulator including the commencement or closure of a mine or petroleum site as well as changes of key details in relation to coal mines.

Notifications to SafeWork NSW

The following notifications must be made directly to SafeWork NSW:

Notification of asbestos removal

Notification of demolition work

Note: A licence from SafeWork NSW is required for demolition work that occurs at a mine or petroleum site.