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Work Health and Safety (Mines & Petroleum Sites) legislation

Below is a list of gazette notices relating to the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Act 2013 and the Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2014.

Note: The content below is not accessible. If you require an accessible transcript of any of these gazettals, please contact

Name Published
NSW Government Gazette No 273 of 25 June 2021 - Notice of other criteria (PDF, 1016.91 KB) Jun 2021
2021 Tier-2 Quarry Manager Practising Certificate requirements (PDF, 1.12 MB) Jan 2021
Tier-2 quarry manager practising certificate maintenance of competence requirements 2020 (PDF, 1.09 MB)  Nov 2020
Registration of Breathing Apparatus to Assist Escape (Including Self- Rescuers) Design Order 2020 (PDF, 1019.95 KB)  Oct 2020
Revocation of other criteria in respect of statutory function (mining engineering manager) (PDF, 179.9 KB)  Sep 2020
Revised maintenance of competence requirements (PDF, 137.7 KB) Aug 2020
Class exemption - Use of cables in hazardous zones (PDF, 213.79 KB) Aug 2020
Provision of mine survey plans to the Regulator (PDF, 164.41 KB) Aug 2020
Class Exemption (Work Health and Safety Reports) 2020 (PDF, 182.48 KB) Aug 2020
Fact sheet - Work Health and Safety class exemption (PDF, 126.93 KB) Jun 2020
Factsheet - gas detector design order (PDF, 249.13 KB) May 2020
Registration of design of plant to determine or monitor the presence of gas (PDF, 245.49 KB) Apr 2020
Ancillary Reports – Fire related to mobile plant 2020 (PDF, 270.26 KB) Mar 2020
Tier-3 quarry managers class exemption March 2020 (PDF, 762.11 KB) Mar 2020
NSW Government Gazette No 26 of 7 February 2020 Powered winding systems (PDF, 179.59 KB) Feb 2020
Practising certificate equivalence order 2020 (PDF, 2.42 MB) Jan 2020
Exemption notification of other matters for exploration 2019 (PDF, 207.94 KB) Dec 2019
Registration of booster fans (PDF, 80.27 KB) May 2019
Registration of braking systems (PDF, 175.81 KB) May 2019
Registration of canopies on continuous miners (PDF, 212.05 KB) May 2019
Registration of conveyor belting (PDF, 139.46 KB) May 2019
Registration of detonators (PDF, 658.92 KB) May 2019
Registration of diesel engine systems (PDF, 344.47 KB) May 2019
Registration of explosive-powered tools (PDF, 153.47 KB) May 2019
Registration of shotfiring apparatus (PDF, 230.96 KB) May 2019
Registration of person-riding hoists (winding systems) in small gemstone mines (PDF, 333.02 KB) May 2019
Person-riding hoists instrument of exemption (PDF, 47.93 KB) May 2019
Mine shaft and winding systems code of practice (PDF, 152.01 KB) Feb 2019
Recognition of existing qualifications for eligibility for underground mine supervisor of an underground mine other than coal mines (PDF, 203.23 KB) May 2018
Recognition of existing qualifications of ventilation auditor, ventilation officer and dust explosion control measures auditor of underground coal mines (PDF, 195.04 KB) Feb 2018
Recognition of existing qualifications underground mine supervisor (PDF, 190.06 KB) Feb 2018
Provision of mine survey plans to the regulator (PDF, 184.5 KB) Apr 2017
Recognition of existing qualifications (PDF, 252.06 KB) Mar 2016
Ancillary reports - In-service failure of explosion protected diesel engine systems (PDF, 413 KB) Jul 2015
Recognition of existing qualifications and other related matters (PDF, 349.87 KB) Jul 2015

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