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Rehabilitation and environment

Undertaking risk-based compliance and enforcement activities in relation to obligations under the Mining Act, including the assessment of mine rehabilitation activities and security deposits.

Rehabilitation and environmental management activities

  • Conduct probity and compliance checks on applicants for grant/renewal/transfer title applications
  • Regulation of exploration activities including the issuing of activity approvals and ensuring compliance with title conditions and codes of practice (e.g. rehabilitation and environmental management)
  • Provide advice to appropriate development consent authority (e.g. Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure on state significant development proposals and local councils on integrated development) in regards to the appropriateness of rehabilitation strategies included in development applications. This includes advice on conditioning
  • Undertake compliance and enforcement activities in relation to the Mining Act
  • Specific focus on mine rehabilitation
  • Undertake investigations
  • Conduct audits and site inspections/compliance programs


Schedule 8A of the Mining Regulation 2016 requires mines to nominate a contact person, report non-compliances and provide notification of certain development consents.


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