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The Mining Act Inspectorate undertakes compliance audits of mining operations and exploration activities to assess whether title holders are meeting their compliance requirements under the Mining Act 1992.

Where non-compliances are identified, enforcement action may be taken in accordance with the Regulator's compliance and enforcement framework (PDF, 537.75 KB).

Audit reports may also identify opportunities for improvement to strengthen the compliance management activities of the title holder.

We undertake a compliance audit program to assess the level of operator compliance with Regulations. View the compliance audit program report:

The checklists below provide an indication of some of the issues the Regulator’s auditors consider when undertaking audits onsite. If you hold an authorisation, you may use these checklists to assist you to identify requirements that apply to your particular authorisation and help you to ensure you are meeting your statutory obligations.

Audit reports

Compliance audit report Date published Location
NBH Resources Pty Ltd (PDF, 255.8 KB) April 2024 Broken Hill NSW
AU Exploration Pty Ltd (PDF, 179.53 KB) April 2024 Broken Hill NSW
Bowdens Silver Pty Ltd (PDF, 4.55 MB) April 2024 Mudgee NSW
Wildcat Gold Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.26 MB) April 2024 Adelong NSW
United Stone Industries Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.13 MB) April 2024 Bathurst NSW
Newmont Exploration Holdings Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.04 MB) March 2024 Cootamundra NSW
Wattle Resources Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.15 MB) March 2024 Wattle Flat NSW
Legacy Minerals Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.39 MB) February 2024 Cootamundra NSW
Godolphin Tenements Pty Ltd (PDF, 896.79 KB) February 2024 Yeoval NSW
Stannum Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.03 MB) February 2024 Condoblin NSW
Tasex Pty Ltd (PDF, 864.92 KB) December 2023 Sydney NSW
Haverford Holdings Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.55 MB) December 2023 Fifield NSW
Oxley Exploration (PDF, 1.87 MB) October 2023 Tottenham NSW
Nimrod Resources Pty Ltd (PDF, 682.16 KB) September 2023 Bourke NSW
Australian Consolidated Gold (PDF, 1.43 MB) July 2023 Tottenham, NSW
CMOC Mining (PDF, 1.71 MB) July 2023 Parkes, NSW
Australian Gold & Copper Ltd (PDF, 196.29 KB) March 2023 Cargelligo, NSW
Rimfire Pacific (PDF, 226.95 KB) March 2023 Fifield, NSW
Kincora Copper Pty Ltd and Rarex Pty Ltd - Fairholme project (PDF, 219.54 KB) March 2023 Condobolin, NSW
Castle Mountain Zeolites (PDF, 3.59 MB) March 2023 Quirindi, NSW
Wallerawang Quarry (PDF, 2.38 MB) March 2023 Lithgow, NSW
Prospectore Pty Ltd (PDF, 2.08 MB) March 2023 Oberon, NSW
Marrangaroo Quarry Metromix Pty Ltd (PDF, 2.52 MB) January 2023 Lithgow, NSW
The Austral Brick Company Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.49 MB) December 2022 New Berrima, NSW
Mount Thorley Warkworth (PDF, 3.89 MB) December 2022 Singleton, NSW
EL5922 LFB Resources Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.62 MB) September 2022 Blayney, NSW
EL8735 Colossus Metals Pty Ltd (PDF, 478.47 KB) September 2022 Wellington, NSW
EL8691 and EL9202 Awati Resources (PDF, 516.98 KB) July 2022 Tibooburra, NSW
EL5674 Webbs Resources (PDF, 450.61 KB) July 2022 Emmaville, NSW
Stoneco Timor Limestone (PDF, 445.13 KB) July 2022 Nundle, NSW
EL8379 Mt Gilmore (PDF, 482.01 KB) July 2022 Grafton, NSW
EL8153 Krakatoa Australia (PDF, 889.31 KB) July 2022 Orange, NSW
EL5933 Peak Gold Mines (PDF, 455.87 KB) February 2022 Cobar, NSW
EL6140 Oxley Exploration (PDF, 699.26 KB) February 2022 Cobar, NSW
EL8136 Wilga Downs Project Thomson Resources (PDF, 652.38 KB) February 2022 Bourke, NSW
EL6479 and EL8681 Goldreef Resources Pty Ltd (PDF, 626.57 KB) February 2022 White Cliffs, NSW
EL6803 and EL8245 Koonenberry Gold Project, Lasseter Gold Pty Ltd (PDF, 615.56 KB) January 2022 White Cliffs, NSW
EL7750 Evolution Mining (Cowal) Pty Ltd exploration drilling program (PDF, 5.48 MB) September 2021 West Wyalong, NSW
Werris Creek Coal Mine, Werris Creek Pty Ltd (PDF, 2.18 MB) September 2021 Werris Creek, NSW
Mandalong Coal Mine, Centennial Mandalong Pty Ltd (PDF, 2.79 MB) September 2021 Lake Macquarie, NSW
Hillgrove Mine exploration drilling program, Hillgrove Mines Pty Ltd (PDF, 3.8 MB) August 2021 Hillgrove, NSW
EL5675 exploration drilling program, Alkane Resources Limited (PDF, 2.09 MB) August 2021 Peak Hill, NSW
EL7805 Flemington Mining Operations Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.33 MB) June 2021 Fifield, NSW
EL9040 Stockton sand exploration project (PDF, 1.27 MB) June 2021 Stockton, NSW
EL8867 Freeport-McMoRan Exploration Australia Pty Ltd (PDF, 957.83 KB) March 2021 Cootamundra, NSW
EL8622 TRK Resources Ltd (PDF, 1.25 MB) March 2021 Gundagai, NSW
EL6695 Peel Mining Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.13 MB) March 2021 Mount Hope, NSW
E7390 Impact Minerals (PDF, 944.07 KB) March 2021 Broken Hill, NSW
EL8398 Scorpio Resources (PDF, 1.29 MB) November 2020 Mount Hope, NSW
EL7714 Mountain Tank Exploration Program (PDF, 467.21 KB) November 2020 Cobar, NSW
Excelsior Quarry, Graymont (Excelsior) Pty Ltd (PDF, 835.86 KB) November 2020 Kandos, NSW
EL8532 Mount Aubrey Exploration Drilling Program, Godolphin Tenements Pty Ltd (PDF, 924 KB) November 2020 Peak Hill, NSW
EL8744 Blackwater exploration drilling program, Australian Consolidated Gold Holdings Pty Ltd (PDF, 388.28 KB) October 2020 Narromine, NSW
EL5920 and EL6354 Exploration drilling program, Bowdens Silver Project (PDF, 1.26 MB) October 2020 Kandos, NSW
EL8357 Lady Ilse exploration drilling program, Magmatic Resources Ltd (PDF, 1.01 MB) October 2020 Wellington, NSW
EL8590 Kiola exploration drilling program, Emmerson Resources Pty Ltd (PDF, 811.35 KB) September 2020 Cowra, NSW
Boggabri Coal Mine, Boggabri Coal Pty Ltd (PDF, 916.21 KB) July 2020 Boggabri, NSW
Subsidence management, Tahmoor Colliery, Tahmoor Coal Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.13 MB) July 2020 Tahmoor, NSW
EL7223 Exploration drilling program, Shenhua Watermark Coal Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.45 MB) July 2020 Breeza, NSW
Subsidence management, Metropolitan Colliery, Metropolitan Collieries Pty Ltd (PDF, 863.88 KB) June 2020 Helensburgh, NSW
Dendrobium Colliery, Illawarra Coal Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.33 MB) April 2020 Kembla Heights, NSW
Woodlawn Mine, Tarago Operations Pty Ltd (PDF, 5.44 MB) February 2020 Tarago, NSW
Perilya Broken Hill Operations, Perilya Broken Hill Limited (PDF, 3.01 MB) October 2019 Broken Hill, NSW
Mount Pleasant MACH Energy (PDF, 1.25 MB) August 2019 Upper Hunter, NSW
Wambo Mine, topsoil management, Wambo Coal Pty Ltd (PDF, 2.15 MB) August 2019 Warkworth, NSW
Hunter Valley Operations South, topsoil management, Hunter Valley Operations Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.29 MB) August 2019 Singleton, NSW
Mount Owen complex, topsoil management, Mount Owen Pty Ltd (PDF, 3.84 MB) August 2019 Glennies Creek, NSW
Tritton Operations, Tritton Resources Pty Ltd (PDF, 3.54 MB) August 2019 Nyngan, NSW
EEL6243 Narrabri South exploration program, Narrabri Coal Pty Ltd (PDF, 2.33 MB) July 2019 Narrabri, NSW
Glenella Quarry, Glenella Quarry Pty Ltd (PDF, 7.55 MB) July 2019 Cowra, NSW
AUTH346 Maules Creek exploration, Aston Coal No 2 Pty Ltd (PDF, 1.11 MB) July 2019 Boggabri, NSW
Narrabri gas project - beneficial use of gas, Santos NSW (Eastern) Pty Ltd (PDF, 824.45 KB) October 2018 Narrabri, NSW
Mining sites within special catchment areas (PDF, 1.45 MB) December 2018 Special areas of NSW