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Exploration rehabilitation completion

The NSW Resources Regulator requires exploration title holders to undertake progressive rehabilitation over the life of the exploration project.

Title holders must demonstrate that rehabilitation has met the required standards as set out in the rehabilitation objectives and completion criteria required by the Exploration code of practice: Rehabilitation (PDF, 712.35 KB).

The Regulator has responsibility for determining when rehabilitation has met the required standards, prior to title relinquishment and return of the security deposit.

Before relinquishing part or all of an exploration authority, the authority holder must demonstrate that all environmental obligations have been met and that rehabilitation has achieved the required standards.

Refund of security deposit

The security deposit will be refunded once the title holder made an application to the Regulator and demonstrated that rehabilitation has been completed to the satisfaction of the department.

Application must be made using Form ESF2: Rehabilitation completion and/or review of rehabilitation cost estimate and/or notification of mine or petroleum site closure