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Exploration reporting

The conditions of exploration licences and assessment leases require title holders to submit annual reports of their activities.

The reports describe work completed against the approved work program and exploration activity approvals.

Title holders are required to submit annual reports prepared in accordance with the Guideline: Annual activity reporting for prospecting titles (PDF, 319.51 KB). The annual report is required to include an Environmental and Rehabilitation Compliance Report (ERCR).

The annual report (other than the ERCR component) is required to be lodged online with Mining, Exploration and Geoscience (MEG) via the Titles Management System (TMS).

The Environmental and Rehabilitation Compliance Report is required to be lodged online with the Resources Regulator using the Rehabilitation Completion/Annual Report (REH) form in the Regulator Portal.

MEG’s previous Exploration Reporting Online Lodgement (EROL) system ceased to accept new reports from 1 January 2022 and was replaced with the Titles Management System (TMS).

EROL remains open for users who have outstanding commitments for a report already lodged in EROL prior to 1 January 2022. Any reports submitted via EROL after 1 January 2022 will be returned to applicant for re-lodgement in TMS.

The Titles Management System (TMS) is an online report preparation and lodgement facility for title holders, operators or agents to manage all title related matters.

Exploration reports are required to be submitted electronically using the (TMS) from 1 January 2022, and users will need to register for an account online at the TMS Login page. This includes all reports submitted under section 163C of the Mining Act 1992, or section 97C of the Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991.

The Environmental and Rehabilitation Compliance Report is required to be submitted electronically to the NSW Resources Regulator using the Regulator Portal.

All reports submitted after 1 January 2022 must align with the latest version of the guideline Exploration reporting: A guide for reporting on exploration and prospecting in New South Wales (V3.0 released October 2021). This updated guideline caters for changes in confidentiality of reports and data files, submission in TMS, as well as changes to the Activity and Expenditure template. Please familiarise yourself with the new Reporting guidelines prior to lodging a report in TMS.

New features in TMS include:

  • Direct entry of Activity and Expenditure information to replace excel upload
  • Default confidentiality for all documents and files lodged
  • Ability to supply redacted documents in relation to the sunset clause
  • Ability to see all Authority related transactions in the one place.

Instructional material is available for TMS and can be located on the Titles Management System web page: TMS training material

For further assistance relating to MEG’s TMS system please contact

For further assistance relating to the Regulator Portal please contact or call 1300 814 609 (Option 2 then 5).