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Independent review finds majority of safety incidents with human elements unintentional

The NSW Resources Regulator has published a fact sheet on its human and organisational factors data review. 

The Regulator engaged the Keil Centre to independently review its human and organisational factors analyses over the past 5 years, where human error and deliberate non-compliance played a role in safety incidents. 

The review looked at 267 incidents at 180 at surface mines and 87 at underground mines, between August 2018 and May 2023. 

Almost three-quarters of these incidents were caused unintentionally by individual workers. In contrast, 23 per cent were intentional or routine non-compliances, with no instances of sabotage. Three per cent were attributed to a wide range of other factors. 

This pattern was consistent across all mining sectors and operations. 

The Regulator’s analysis tool assesses human behaviours associated with safety incidents. 

It considers both intentional and unintentional compliance with rules or established processes, as well as the influence of performance shaping factors on a personal and organisational level, such as safety management and environmental conditions. 

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