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Investigation report: Serious incident at Myuna Colliery

The Resources Regulator has released its Investigation Report into an incident in which a worker was seriously injured at Myuna Colliery, an underground coal mine at Lake Macquarie, on 5 February 2021.

The 45-year-old was helping to install roof bolts using a continuous miner when it needed to be repositioned. The worker moved aside but as the continuous miner trammed forward, a conveyor boom attached to its rear pinned the worker to the wall of the mine (known as the rib).

The worker suffered serious injuries, including a lower left arm fracture requiring surgery, loss of a kidney, rib fractures, and spinal, shoulder, cardiac and psychological injuries.

The investigation determined there were multiple factors that contributed to the incident, including a lack of effective communication and lack of situational awareness.

The Regulator makes several recommendations to mine operators on proximity detection systems, administrative controls, communication and first aid and emergency response, as well as to workers for communication, situational awareness and safe work location rules. Access the report here.

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