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Online Opal Miners' Safety Awareness Course

The Opal Miners' Safety Awareness Course is now an online format.

The online course is free and flexible, allowing participants to complete the course in their own time.

Face-to-face sessions will be offered in Lighting Ridge in 2024 between 13-14 March and 2-3 October, and in White Cliffs between 10-11 July. After this time the online format will be the preferred option with face-to-face courses delivered less frequently. A face-to-face session will continue to incur a course fee of $165.

Visit the NSW Resources Regulator learning platform for more information.

View our online events for more information on the 2024 face-to-face Opal Miners' Safety Workshop sessions.

For questions or concerns about the Opal Miners Safety Awareness Course, please contact

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