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Regulator intensifies efforts to combat psychosocial hazards and sexual harassment

The NSW Resources Regulator is taking steps to address psychosocial hazards and sexual harassment within the NSW mining industry.

This initiative is part of the ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all workers in the sector.

Under the Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation, any incident resulting in a notifiable injury or illness, including those stemming from psychosocial or physical harm, sexual harassment or assault, must be reported to the Regulator.

Psychosocial hazards extend beyond bullying and harassment and may include sexual assault, physical assault or psychological abuse.

Whether a single event or repeated occurrence, psychosocial hazards are defined as any threatening, violent, forced, coercive, or exploitative behaviour or act where the victim has not consented or was unable to give consent.

Mine operators and workers are reminded that psychosocial or physical harassment and sexual assault represents an extreme form of unacceptable workplace behaviour.

To report instances of psychosocial hazards, sexual harassment or assault within the NSW Mining sector, call 1300 814 609 or download the Bullying and Inappropriate Conduct in the Workplace form (DOCX, 108.26 KB) available on the NSW Resources Regulator’s website.

Watch the NSW Resources Regulator’s video on psychosocial hazards

Watch the NSW Resources Regulator’s video on sexual harassment

The Regulator encourages mine operators to use these resources at either pre-start, shift handover, toolbox talks, or training days.

In addition, a brochure on psychosocial hazards is also available. Download the psychosocial hazards in the workplace awareness brochure (PDF, 244.87 KB) for more information.

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