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Changes to Certificate of Competence experience prerequisites

In 2019, we sought comment from stakeholders on the Mining and Petroleum Competence Board’s (the board) proposal to increase experience requirements. This is for people applying for a certificate of competence for statutory functions at a mine or petroleum site required under the Work Health and Safety Mines and Petroleum Sites Regulation 2014.

The Board’s proposed changes to experience requirements are in response to its review of feedback from examination panel members on the unpreparedness and lack of experience of many candidates under the current assessment requirements.

Public submissions

We received 18 stakeholder submissions during the public consultation process

We have analysed the submissions to identify major themes and provided a recommended response to the major themes for the board to consider.


At its 19 November 2019 meeting, the Board noted the recommended response to the major themes from submissions and agreed to the new experience requirements.

The new experience requirements will commence on 1 January 2021.

We will update the Certificate of competence guide shortly with the new requirements and transition arrangements.

Discussion paper (PDF, 320.13 KB)

Submissions (PDF, 4.04 MB)

Response to major themes from submissions (PDF, 335.33 KB)