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Examiners for certificates of competence

The Mining and Petroleum Competence Board appoints examiners to assess candidates through the certificate of competence assessment process. This includes preparing questions and marking responses for written and oral exams.

Interested people can submit an expression of interest form to be an examiner (DOCX, 78.35 KB) if they have the time and can satisfy the criteria. Examiners are remunerated and paid reasonable expenses incurred. Additional benefits for being an examiner are:

  1. personal development through exposure to assessment processes
  2. claiming learning hours for practising certificate maintenance of competence requirements.

For more information read our Fact sheet: Examiner certificate of competence (PDF, 200.02 KB).

Examiners appointed

Mines other than underground mines or coal mines

Quarry manager

McDouall Angus Convenor Resources Regulator
Attard Lee Panel Member Self employed
Bolton Daniel Panel Member Resources Regulator
Tomkins Richard Panel Member Regional Group
Hewson Peter Examiner Regional Group
Norcott John Examiner Resources Regulator

Underground mines other than coal

Mining engineering manager

Hill Xavier Convenor Resources Regulator
Hamilton Christopher Panel Member Aeris Resources
Hiller Christopher Panel Member Hiller Enterprises
Dall'armi Giorgio Examiner Broken Hill Operations
Hughes Jason Examiner Alkane Resources
Jones Clive Examiner Aurelia Metals

Underground supervisor

Jay Robert Convenor Resources Regulator
Hender Geoffrey Panel Member Broken Hill Operations
Hoskins Gavin Panel Member Resources Regulator
Vejrazka Claudia Panel Member Resolve Mining Solutions
Bray Tim Examiner CMOC Northparkes
Hamilton Christopher Examiner Aeris Resources
Hill Xavier Examiner Resources Regulator
McDouall Angus Examiner Resources Regulator
Murray Paul Examiner CBH Resources, Rasp Mine
Reed Craig Examiner Newcrest
Wilson Sheldon Examiner Hard Rock Consulting

Coal mines other than underground

Mining engineering manager

Coe Barry Convenor Resources Regulator
Cullen John Panel Member Yancoal
Murray Luke Panel Member Bloomfield
Clements Brendon Examiner Rix's Creek Open Cut
Gallagher Rodney Examiner Muswellbrook Coal
Gregson Murray Examiner Glencore
Hendriks Jeroen Examiner Thiess

Open cut examiner

Jensen-Langford Jay Convenor Mines Rescue
Hendriks Jeroen Panel Member Thiess
Clements Brendon Panel Member Rix's Creek Open Cut
Gallagher Rodney Panel Member Muswellbrook Coal
Coe Barry Examiner Resources Regulator
Charnock Jade Examiner Glencore
Cullen John Examiner Yancoal
Donoghoe Brad Examiner Bloomfield
Gregson Murray Examiner Glencore
Harvey William Examiner Glencore
Murray Luke Examiner Bloomfield
Oliphant Timothy Examiner Yancoal

Electrical engineer

Bentham Steve Convenor Resources Regulator
Clark Tim Panel Member Thiess
Flaherty Kent Panel Member Bengalla Mining Company
Bray Daniel Examiner Resources Regulator
Harris Craig Examiner Resources Regulator
Martin John Examiner Hunter Valley Operations

Mechanical engineer

Connolly Greg Convenor Resources Regulator
Arnold Nicholas Panel Member Glencore
Pepper Alison Panel Member Hunter Valley Operations
Berkholz Peter Examiner Resources Regulator

Underground coal mines

Mining engineering manager

Ostermann Peter Panel Member Glencore
Gordon David Panel Member Resources Regulator
McGuigan Aaron Panel Member Ashton Coal
Peterkin Justin Examiner Centennial Coal
Spence Charlie Examiner Resources Regulator
Wallace Dennis Examiner Centennial Coal


Warren Alex Convenor Mines Rescue
Patten Benjamin Panel Member South 32
Peterkin Justin Panel Member Centennial Coal
Boersma Jason Examiner Whitehaven Coal
Clifton Ian Examiner Resources Regulator
Craft David Examiner Centennial Coal
Leggett Rod Examiner Centennial Coal
McFarlane Steve Examiner Glencore
O'Hearn Dane Examiner Yancoal
Savage Jeff Examiner Yancoal
Spence Charlie Examiner Resources Regulator
Stephen Tyler Examiner South 32
Stone Matthew Examiner Glencore
Thomas Jason Examiner Resources Regulator


Wallace Dennis Convenor Centennial Coal
Price Wayne Panel Member Mastermyne
Warren Alex Panel Member Mines Rescue
Barrett Stephen Examiner CFMEU
Berryman Paul Examiner Centennial Coal
Dowsett Ross Examiner Centennial Coal
Duggan Bradley Examiner Centennial Coal
Gacevic Robert Examiner Resources Regulator
Gordon David Examiner Resources Regulator
Heald Andrew Examiner Centennial Coal
Jensen Bryce Examiner Yancoal
Leggett Rod Examiner Centennial Coal
McFarlane Steve Examiner Glencore
McGuigan Aaron Examiner Ashton Coal
Mottee Nicholas Examiner Appin
Nicholls Craig Examiner Glencore
O’Hearn Dane Examiner Yancoal
Patten Benjamin Examiner South32
Peterkin Justin Examiner Peabody
Plunkett Noel Examiner Chain Valley
Relf Andrew Examiner Foray Services
Savage Jeff Examiner Yancoal
Spence Charlie Examiner Resources Regulator
Squires Darrell Examiner Mandalong Mine
Stone Matthew Examiner Glencore
Summerville Grant Examiner Glencore
Sutcliffe Tony Examiner Chain Valley
Sutherland Tony Examiner Yancoal
Thomas Jason Examiner Resources Regulator
Thomas Russell Examiner Appin
Waterfall Malcolm Examiner Simec Mining
Yule Malcolm Examiner Chain Valley

Electrical engineering manager

Bentham Steve Convenor Resources Regulator
Every-Burns Peter Panel Member Centennial Coal
Murray Brett Panel Member Glencore
Campbell Greg Examiner Appin
Harris Craig Examiner Resources Regulator
Perry Mark Examiner Centennial

Mechanical engineering manager

Connolly Greg Convenor Resources Regulator
Gillett Shayne Panel Member Centennial Coal
Gleeson Gregory Panel Member Springvale Underground
Withers Ben Examiner Resources Regulator

Licensed activities at coal mines


Cable repair signatory

Goldie  Jason Convenor Resources Regulator
Murphy Chris Panel member PBE Group
Smith Bruce Panel member KableX
Ryan Peter  Examiner Rutherford Electrical Engineering Services