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Electrical engineering

What is electrical engineering safety

Electrical engineering safety relates to:

  • Prevention of electric shock and burns, (electrocution, death or injury as a result of a shock, radiation burns, flash burns, burning particles and plasma).
  • Prevention of electrical arcing and surface temperatures that have sufficient energy to ignite gas and/or dust.
  • Prevention of fires caused by the malfunction of electrical equipment.
  • Prevention of injury and death from unintended operation, failure to stop or failure to operate, of electrically powered and electrically controlled equipment.
  • Use of electrical technology to provide safeguards and monitoring against non-electrical hazards.

Topical issues

Explosion-protected electrical plant – revision of approval list

A revised list of approved explosion-protected (Ex) electrical plant is available.

More information on updated electrical topical issues will be available soon.

Management systems and work processes

Management systems and work processes includes:

  • Overviews of EES in the mining industry
  • Key risk strategies and controls
  • Information relating to the controlled work environment (including Approvals list)
  • Licensed activities (formerly Approved workshops)