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Risk Management

The Minerals Industry Risk Management model incorporates management system and work process factors to ensure the health and safety of all workers.

The Minerals Industry Risk Management model

The Minerals Industry Risk Management model has two main elements:

  • management system
  • work process factors. 

The management system incorporates the management and engineering framework for the design and operation of the site. As such, it supplies the inputs to the daily work processes to achieve safe production within a controlled work environment by:

  • competent people
  • fit-for-purpose equipment
  • safe work practices.
Controlled work environment diagram



The quality of the decision depends on the quality of the engineering and management process that:

  • designs
  • purchases
  • installs
  • commissions
  • operates
  • maintains (including repair and overhaul)
  • modifies
  • trains
  • standardises and otherwise defines the nature of the day-to-day work process.

To do this the management system has to be defined and formally documented so that the quality of key decisions is not left to chance. (Refer to Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems - Specification with guidance for use). All of the above must be present and effective at every stage of the equipment and mine's life cycle, and must be effectively supported by the organisational culture. If any element is deficient, or there is ineffective support from the organisational culture, safe production is left to chance.