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Practicing certificate requirements for Quarry Managers

The statutory function of Quarry Manager (for mines in NSW, other than underground mines or coal mines) is to supervise mining operations.

A person may be required to hold a current practising certificate to be nominated to the statutory function of Quarry Manager. It can be either:

  • Quarry Manager Practising Certificate for tier 1 quarries (requires a certificate of competence), or
  • Quarry Manager Practising Certificate with conditions. These conditions include limiting the holder to a specified mine or mines which are assessed as tier 2 quarries., or
  • No certificate required for tier 3 quarries (must be a competent person).

The Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2014 does not specify when a practising certificate holder is required to have a practising certificate rather than a practising certificate with conditions or be a competent person. Instead, it is gazetted and explained in the fact sheet: Quarry manager practising certificate – three tier approach. (PDF, 159.07 KB)

Risk profiling tool

The Mining and Petroleum Competence Board has developed, in collaboration with the NSW Resources Regulator and industry representatives, a risk profiling tool  (DOCX, 860.08 KB)that enables the user to calculate a mine’s hazard burden and help determine the certificate requirements or not for nomination as the quarry manager.

The tool assesses the mine’s principal hazards, activity levels, mechanical and electrical complexities, staffing and output levels and generates a numeric output. The output is then compared against a predetermined measure to establish the certificate required to be held by the nominated quarry manager.

Risk profiling tool result – what does it mean?

  • A mine must nominate a person to be the quarry manager. When, after using the risk profiling tool, the numeric output for the mine is above the pre-determined measure, the mine operator must nominate a person with a practising certificate. The Regulator recognises and will allow, in certain circumstances, a person with a practising certificate with conditions to be the quarry manager during a period of transition. After that time the mine must nominate a person with a practising certificate.
  • If the numeric output is below the pre-determined measure, the mine operator can nominate a quarry manager with a practising certificate or a practising certificate with conditions, for their mine(s). Note: tier 3 quarries do not require a person to hold a practising certificate but only to be a competent person
  • If the numeric output is in close alignment with the predetermined measure
    (+/- 5 points), consultation between the Regulator and the mine operator may be required.

The profiling tool can also be used by the mine operator for succession planning purposes, with the result incorporated into their statutory quarry manager planning requirements. In this instance, there is no requirement to notify the Regulator of the result.

Confirming eligibility

Practising certificates are renewed every five years.

A practising certificate will be issued by the NSW Resources Regulator when we are satisfied that the individual is competent to exercise that statutory function. This applies when the individual:

  • holds a certificate of competence or an interstate practising certificate in respect of the statutory function, or
  • meets other criteria specified by the Regulator in respect of the statutory function by notice published in the gazette.

Using the tool

Before the submission of an application for a practising certificate, the risk profiling tool should be used by the mine operator to determine the eligibility of their quarry for what tier level certificate is required (1 or 2) or no certificate (3). Alternatively, the Resources Regulator may have already notified the mine operator of what tier their quarry is or the mine operator can check with the Regulator (see Further information below)

The Resources Regulator will complete an assessment using the risk profiling tool to confirm eligibility for any Quarry manager with conditions tier 2 location specific practising certificate.

The Regulator can use the risk profiling tool:

  • during a desktop assessment where mine data is well understood
  • during any site inspection
  • during the application process for a practising certificate. In this instance, consultation with the mine operator may be necessary
  • when the 5-year life of a practising certificate is due for renewal to determine a mine’s hazard burden.


Further information

For what tier level a quarry may be:
Refer to the Risk profiling tool

Contact Central assessment unit:

For how to apply for a practising certificate:
See: Application for a practising certificate

Contact Mining competencies and authorisations: or (02) 4063 6461