We have developed the Resources Regulator Portal (Portal) - a new pathway for miners and explorers to interact with us for matters under the Mining Act 1992.

The Portal provides miners and explorers with:

  • A streamlined pathway to lodge applications under the Mining Act.
  • Access to rehabilitation and assessed deposit information.
  • The ability to monitor pending applications, notices and enquiries.
  • A communication pathway directly with the Inspector assessing their application.
  • Access to all relevant application forms.
  • An efficient process for updating approvals.

September 2021 update

The Statement of compliance, environmental performance and financial history (SOCH) form has been upgraded following your feedback. SOCHs lodged online remain valid for 12 months from the date a SOCH reference number (unique identification number starting with SOCH and then seven numbers) is issued to the applicant providing there has been no change to any of the information provided by the applicant since the lodgement of the SOCH. If any information has changed, a new SOCH form is required to be lodged with the Regulator via the Portal for assessment.

Paper based forms can still be obtained by contacting the Regulator on 1300 814 609 (option 2, then 5). Please note that the lodgement of paper based forms will result in lengthy processing times due to increased administration requirements.

If you do not have access to the Portal, contact the Regulator on 1300 814 609 (option 2, then 5) and we will arrange a user account for you to access the Portal.