7th December 2020

An enforceable undertaking submitted by Narrabri Coal Pty Ltd (NCPL) and Narrabri Coal Operations Pty Ltd (NCO) under the Mining Act has been rejected by the Resources Regulator.

The proposed undertaking was submitted following an investigation into the alleged construction of unauthorised tracks, failing to rehabilitate drill sites and drilling of bore holes contrary to exploration activity approval conditions on EL6243, and a breach contrary to authorisation conditions on ML1609. The offences were first detected in June 2019 on Crown Land incorporating the Pilliga East State Forest and on land owned by NCPL.

The Regulator rejected the undertaking on 3 December 2020 having regard to the seriousness of the conduct alleged and the collective merits of the initiatives proposed.

Proceedings previously instituted against NCPL and NCO in connection with the allegations are listed before the NSW Land and Environment Court on 11 December 2020.

See undertaking proposal and reasons for decision.