Safety alert database searchSafety alerts are an important communication tool between the department and the NSW mining industry, suppliers, unions and industry organisations. Safety alerts are issued following the occurrence of an event such as a fatal accident, dangerous occurrence or any incident which is considered to be of significance to the industry, with the aim of preventing a similar occurrence.

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Current Safety Alerts

No. Title Released Details
SA21-06 Worker knocked from ladder 21 Jun 2021 PDF 390.0 KB
SA21-05 Potential crush point on personnel transport vehicle 21 Jun 2021 PDF 278.2 KB
SA21-04 Worker sustains critical injuries after driving loader over stope edge 07 Apr 2021 PDF 337.2 KB
SA21-03 Underground loader makes contact with development drill rig (jumbo) 08 Mar 2021 PDF 297.7 KB
SA21-02 Unattended haul truck rolls 65 metres 02 Feb 2021 PDF 529.1 KB
SA21-01 Elevated work box falls from integrated tool carrier 27 Jan 2021 PDF 446.1 KB
SA20-10 Anti-static materials in underground coal mines 09 Oct 2020 PDF 134.9 KB
SA20-09 Operating mobile plant - Incidents and near misses 01 Oct 2020 PDF 333.6 KB
SA20-08 Drill rig contacts high voltage power line 25 Sep 2020 PDF 204.5 KB
SA20-07 Concerns about possible tampering with explosion protected diesel engine safety systems 11 Sep 2020 PDF 165.5 KB
SA20-06 QDS Pods fall off dolly car flat top and slide down drift 09 Jun 2020 PDF 570.5 KB
SA20-05 Worker sucked into auxiliary fan ventilation tube 21 Apr 2020 PDF 846.3 KB
SA20-04 COVID-19 related worker complaints 25 Mar 2020 PDF 152.6 KB
SA20-03 Tailgate hits worker's head 05 Mar 2020 PDF 818.6 KB
SA20-02 Roof fall buries continuous miner 28 Feb 2020 PDF 174.4 KB
SA20-01 Brake pad dislodges during winder test 28 Feb 2020 PDF 309.2 KB

Archived Safety Alerts